As time goes on, COVID-19 and its associated strains will continue to be in our consciousness  That is part of our new way of life. As a urology and male health care practitioner, I’m focused on figuring out how my prostate cancer patients are particularly vulnerable to this COVID and how I can help protect… [Read More]

For the last three years, my good friend and neighbor, Scott and I practice strength training and talk about different things; politics, business, health raising kids (he has 5 kids YIKES!), etc. Scott is also good at taking videos and editing them. Lately, for fun, he’s been videotaping some of our sessions with no original… [Read More]

  What is the connection between stress, meditation, and prostate / urinary health? My research and clinical experience in urology have taught me one thing, not all urinary related urinary problems in men, despite age, are related to the prostate. I think physicians who automatically treat male urinary problems with prostate drugs first may be… [Read More]

This is a blog article on everything I know about COVID-19 and natural methods that are likely to work I am not an expert in infectious diseases, virology or public health but have listened to and read material only from experts to make sense of the whole thing. My training is in naturopathic functional medicine… [Read More]

These are tough times, no doubt. For many, these times are filled with anxiety, distress, and uncertainty. Excessive news watching doesn’t help. You may have more questions than answers at this time, so stay tuned, as I am writing what I consider to be the most comprehensive article on COVID-19 I’ve yet seen. Of course,… [Read More]

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