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The Risks of Processed Meat A recent  study of over 37,000 Swedish men found that those who ate more than 75 grams per day of processed meat increased their chances of dying from heart failure by almost 250%.  How much is 75 grams?  About the size of a deck of cards. That’s not much. If… [Read More]

Prostate Cancer Survey A recent prostate survey of more that 1400 prostate cancer survivors and partners showed that only 41 percent of men with prostate cancer were referred to an oncologist at some point during their prostate cancer journey. The survey, released by ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer, is the organization’s first patient… [Read More]

Battle of the Fitness Bands, are they worth it?   Yes. Fitness bands can be a massive motivational boost as well as a neat and convenient way to track your training progress.  I personally use a Nike Fuel Band, but I wanted to explore the Internet and find out what people were saying about other… [Read More]

The Mr. Happy Team Triumphs at the Spartan Race   The Spartan race this past weekend was a tremendous  (painful) experience. It was a potpourri of emotions: grueling, dizzying, disheartening, camaraderie and exhilarating. The Mr. Happy team: Austin, Gary, Geo and Brandon. Having a good time before going to Mountain Creek, NJ.     We… [Read More]

  Why am I doing a Spartan race tomorrow?   You might be asking why I, at age 42, am doing a Spartan Race.  I am simply asking, why not? I want to challenge my body as much as possible. I want to continuously get out of my comfort zone. In fact, I believe that… [Read More]

High Carb, Low-Fat Diet is bad for your Heart   Takeaway First A major recent study highlighted in the New York Times, show that a diet lower in carbs and higher in fat may lower your risk of heart attack. This should come under no surprise however. Other studies have linked a high carb diet… [Read More]

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