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4 MORE Things on I learned at the AUA on Prostate Cancer     As I’m sure you know by now, there is nothing that occupies my attention more than up-and-coming research that could help men live longer, healthier, happier lives. As I discussed in my last post, I recently went to the annual meeting of… [Read More]

4 Things I Learned at the AUA 2016 on Prostate Cancer     I’m obsessed with finding answers for male health problems, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I recently went to the AUA national meeting. (I go every year, and I take a ton of notes.) Here we go... 1. Your race might mean… [Read More]

The Frontline News Report on Supplements Stinks: Part two Separating supplement facts from fiction In my last post, I explained why Frontline’s recent attack on natural medicine deserves a healthy dose of its own skepticism. The bias running though this recent report was obvious to anyone familiar with its interview pool. (Which included notable anti-supplement… [Read More]

The Frontline News Report on Supplements Stinks: Part 1   Well, here we go again. In case you missed it, Frontline teamed up with the New York Times to deliver a scathing one-hour news segment called “Supplements and Safety.” The spot aired on PBS on January 19th. And since then, I’ve been bombarded with concerned… [Read More]

The Truth on Dietary Supplements No diet is perfect. No person is perfect. So it makes sense that even the most disciplined man will have trouble sticking to any diet with no setbacks or slip-­‐ups. This is one of the main reasons I advocate daily supplementation as part of of an arsenal regimen towards wellness.… [Read More]

Genomic Testing for Prostate Cancer     Prostate cancer can be confusing. While prostate biopsies are the gold-standard in prostate cancer diagnosis, it’s far from perfect. There seems to be about a 25% chance of false negatives from prostate biopsies. That is, the result of a biopsy may appear that there is no cancer in… [Read More]

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