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Be Grateful An image from Thursday’s Bills-Jets game, as it would appear to the red-green colorblind, altered by Dr. Jay Neitz, an expert in colorblindness. Ben Solomon for The New York Times The Story One of the main suggestions I have had for patients lately is this: be grateful for what you have. It’s simple.… [Read More]

The newest available blood test, 4Kscore® Test (OPKO Lab, Nashville, TN) is better at detecting potential deadly prostate cancer than a PSA test. Since the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test first became available in the early ‘90s, there have been significantly fewer deaths from prostate cancer. However, it also has led to overdiagnosis and overtreatment. As… [Read More]

You may have heard a report showing that 23,000 emergency room visits every year are due to children and young adults taking dietary supplements. Scary, right? Not exactly. In this post, I’ll talk about why we need to be careful about hype and misinformation, and what you need to do to take supplements safely. It… [Read More]

On Lamar Odom’s Tragedy and on ‘Herbal Viagra’ Basketball is my favorite sport. I like all levels of basketball: college, professional, Olympic, even high school. Here in New York City, high school basketball is big, and as a result, we praise any high school kid who is really good at the sport and follow their… [Read More]

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, coffee is good for you. Over 400,000 men and women were analyzed were followed from baseline (1995–1996) until the date of death or December 31, 2008, whichever came first, Among participants who completed the 24-hour dietary-recall questionnaire, 79% drank ground coffee, 19% drank… [Read More]

I just came across to this video. I'd thought you'd enjoy it and learn from it. I know and understand that your time is valuable to you,  so I warn you, this video is 21 minute video long. You will pee in your pants. (excuse the urologic pun here).  But believe me, it's well, well… [Read More]

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