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$20 Million for Grape Extract? The Takeaway First The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has received $20 million from an anonymous donor to fund research on muscadine grape extract’s effects on breast and prostate cancer. While we don’t know much about this particular grape, we know a lot about grape seed extract and its protective… [Read More]

Broccoli Might Be Rewriting Your DNA The Takeaway First Broccoli, broccoli sprouts, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage—what do these four greens have in common? They’re all reliable sources of a chemical called sulforaphane, which a brand new study has shown to decrease the risk of certain cancers in surprising ways. Read more below! Study Details These… [Read More]

Diet & Dairy Promote Prostate Cancer – new study Takeaway First Two research articles from the Physicians’ Health Study revealed that the Western diet, which is high in saturated fat, dairy, red meat, and , significantly increases the risk of death from prostate cancer and all-cause mortality (death from any cause). A plant-based, low-dairy diet… [Read More]

Updates from the American Urological Association Convention 2015 Every year I go to the American Urological Association (AUA) convention to get updated on the latest and greatest information on treating urological conditions. The goal for you is to be well informed and proactive with the decision making of your condition. For those of you non-urological… [Read More]

Have Prostate Cancer: Should I Take Modified Citrus Pectin? The Takeaway First One should not take supplements to cure a disease as they generally do not do that by themselves. What the right supplement combination do is either protect against oxidative stress, reduce inflammation or strengthen immunity – at least that what they can often… [Read More]

On Treadmills & David Goldberg…. The Takeaway First Dave Goldberg’s death is shocking, but we have to remember that one highly unusual accident during exercise is not a good reason to avoid exercise. What Happened to Dave? The story is eerily simple. Dave Goldberg, CEO and founder of Survey Monkey and husband of Sheryl Sandberg,… [Read More]

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