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To improve Male Fertility , Eat Organic   Takeaway First A new study published in the Journal Human Reproduction found 50 % lower sperm counts and 32% lower normal looking sperm cells in those who eat fruits and vegetables high in pesticides. Study Details 155 men ages 18 - 55 studied in a fertility center… [Read More]

Growing Short: Little-Known Facts about Small Penises The Takeaway First About half of men in the world have penises that are shorter than average (go figure!), but far fewer men have conditions that actually reduce their penile length. Length can be lost as a result of certain surgical procedures, Peyronie’s disease, and possibly erectile dysfunction.… [Read More]

Prostate Arterial Embolization (PAE)  To Shrink Your Prostate – New Study   The Takeaway First If you find it difficult to urinate, this study is for you. A new, highly successful treatment for symptoms of prostate enlargement might replace surgery and medication, says Francisco Cesar Carnevale, MD of the University of Sao Palo. The procedure… [Read More]

12 things you don't know about PSA 1. PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen – but it is far from prostate specific. (many of my patients think PSA stands for Patient Stimulated Anxiety) [ I chuckle]   2. PSA is produced in women with breast cancer too. (Mashkoor et al. 2013) 3. PSA is a… [Read More]

When You Can’t Be Young, Think Young   The Takeaway First Long-term meditation can help preserve your brain’s gray matter, reports an article published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry one month ago (Luders et al. 2015). Both meditators and non-meditators alike will experience atrophies in gray matter, but the study authors found that meditators… [Read More]

Is My Stuff Up to Snuff? Trends in Penis Size   The Takeaway First Every now and then I see a young man at the clinic ashamed of his penis size and wanting to learn to make it bigger - as you can imagine such perception of being smaller than standard size can by socially… [Read More]

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