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Have Prostate Cancer: Should I Take Modified Citrus Pectin? The Takeaway First One should not take supplements to cure a disease as they generally do not do that by themselves. What the right supplement combination do is either protect against oxidative stress, reduce inflammation or strengthen immunity – at least that what they can often… [Read More]

On Treadmills & David Goldberg…. The Takeaway First Dave Goldberg’s death is shocking, but we have to remember that one highly unusual accident during exercise is not a good reason to avoid exercise. What Happened to Dave? The story is eerily simple. Dave Goldberg, CEO and founder of Survey Monkey and husband of Sheryl Sandberg,… [Read More]

The Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment The Takeaway First Prostate cancer treatment is expensive. It accounts for 28 percent of all new cancer diagnoses in men and nearly $12 billion in treatment costs, according to the American Cancer Society. Even if health insurance (in the US) pays for portion of the cost, patients often pay… [Read More]

The Supplement Causing Cancer Story is BS... Takeaway First Dr. Tim Byers conducted a meta-analysis of two decades worth of research and concluded that a number of supplements actually made a person much more likely to develop certain types of cancer. He presented his research this past Monday, April 20th, 2015 at the annual meeting… [Read More]

Truly a Man’s Best Friend:  Dogs finds prostate cancer The Takeaway First A brand new study (Taverna et al., 2015) published this month in the Journal of Urology reports that dogs can almost perfectly detect signs of prostate cancer in human urine. A team of Italian researchers led by Dr. Gianluigi Taverna trained two dogs… [Read More]

A common question I get asked daily is on the value of juicing.  I tell you, if you want to get a nice, constant and non-stimulant burst of energy, there is nothing like a nice squeezed fresh veggie juice. Try it and you will see what I am talking about. It’s an acquired taste (… [Read More]

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