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  Most conventional doctors, namely medical doctors (MD) have a “conventional mindset.” What does that mean? It means that they treat the symptoms of the problem, not the cause of the problem. They put on a “Band-Aid” without fixing the main problem. Now, let me be clear; if you are looking for MD bashing, this… [Read More]

I have had it with men and their collective death wish! No, I’m not talking about suicide, which is a real problem for so many men. I’m talking about the fact that men are so morbidly consistent. Not in a good way. No. In a very bad way. Men today are consistently doing everything that… [Read More]

I want to be completely transparent with you, like I always am with my patients. I design and I sell supplements. I say this because you might be thinking I have a conflict of interest, or that I might be trying to “sell you something.” The truth is that I really believe in supplements. I… [Read More]

Now Star Trek Lovers Have a New Reason to Hate Prostate Cancer You know those nights where you wake up at two in the morning for no apparent reason? Not even to pee? I had one of those nights on Monday, so I decided to get out of the bedroom and check my phone. The… [Read More]

10 Emergency Health Signs Men Should Pay Attention To   My family and I spent most of last Sunday over a friend’s house having a great time. Nice weather, nice wine, swimming in their sea salt water pool and good food, of course. I was caught off-guard when the host, Greg, informed me that a… [Read More]

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