1. Watch less news. It’s all horrific by design, bad news sells more than good news. You get almost nothing good from staying glued to the news media. On the contrary, it increases stress and promotes unwellness. Turn off your news notifications on your phone. Take a news fast at least one day a… [Read More]

What is Movember? The Movember combines “Mo” from the word moustache and “vember” from November of is a global awareness on overall men’s health, not just prostate cancer as many people think, but also male suicide, overall mental health, and testicular cancer. Wait… is it moustache or mustache? In most English speaking countries (except the… [Read More]

  While many reading this may have already gotten the flu, others have not and are yet in the clear until May. The recent flu is an  H3N2 strain that’s particularly aggressive. Vaccine companies have updated their medicine to match this years virus. (There is plenty of disagreement if flu vaccines work at all or if they are safe,… [Read More]

An online newsweek article reports that penile enlargement procedures have grown tremendously in the past five years. Now more than ever men want to enhance their stuff. Penile enlargement does not necessarily improve sexual experience for the man or the partner and it only gives the perception of larger size. There are two components for… [Read More]

[Image from Collective Evolution website]   Billions of dollars are sold in medicinal mushroom are sold yearly as these nutritional organism become the hottest functional food to consume. I too take this dietary supplement everyday which contains ample amounts of my favorite protective mushroom of them all, Reishi. While we can’t say mushrooms cure or… [Read More]

[ My garage gym. Serves as a meditation area for me too]   This recent study of over one million people demonstrates that those who exercise experience 43% more mental health than those who don’t. Let me say that again, 43% better mental health. Folks, imagine a drug that improves depression by 43%? By far that… [Read More]

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