[Image from Collective Evolution website]   Billions of dollars are sold in medicinal mushroom are sold yearly as these nutritional organism become the hottest functional food to consume. I too take this dietary supplement everyday which contains ample amounts of my favorite protective mushroom of them all, Reishi. While we can’t say mushrooms cure or… [Read More]

[ My garage gym. Serves as a meditation area for me too]   This recent study of over one million people demonstrates that those who exercise experience 43% more mental health than those who don’t. Let me say that again, 43% better mental health. Folks, imagine a drug that improves depression by 43%? By far that… [Read More]

Yesterday I got fired from one of my patients. This is the third time (that I know of) in my 15-year career that I don’t meet a patient’s expectations and they fire me as their doctor. His email to me reads like this: “I’ve decided to go elsewhere and decided you may have a conflict… [Read More]

  There’s a misconception between Cure vs. Survival as it relates to cancer. To most people cure means “ cancer free.” To physicians specializing in cancer, it means “5-year survival.” That’s absurd. So, if one is diagnosed with aggressive cancer but they live five years and one-day, poorly lived life mind you, that therapy was a… [Read More]

Chris is one of the most amazing CaPLESS Thrivers I know. When I first met him about six years ago, he was 47 years olds with a PSA of 27.0. After biopsy, we discovered he had Gleason 9 prostate cancer all over his prostate. But that’s not all. Three months after his prostatectomy, his PSA was… [Read More]

[ image from Natural Living Ideas]   All cells of the human body require energy in the form of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) to support life. If you remember way back in high school, you learned that the mitochondria are the “powerhouse” of the cell as it produces the majority of ATP. When the mitochondria are… [Read More]

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