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Chiming in on Robin Williams   I was in as much shock as anyone a week ago when I got the CNN app alert on my mobile device that Robin Williams (RW) passed at the age of 63. Even more shocking was when I later found out how he died. Facebook and twitter comments were… [Read More]

Summary of the Story A recent journal article on the Journal of Canadian Cardiology (JCC) questions the legitimacy of the history of how we fell in love with the health benefits of fish oils. Dr. George Fodor, the primary author, disputes the  false  notion of fish oils having protective heart benefits  is based from research… [Read More]

Probiotics Improves High Blood Pressure in A New Study   Doggy Bag Message First: Consuming probiotics - over 100 billion CFU's a day - can moderately lower blood pressure. Probiotics have many other health benefits so its one of my big three. Exercise, low carb eating and fish oils also helps with lower blood pressure… [Read More]

 NYU Urology is enrolling patients who have an enlarged prostate for this unique study This clinical trial is called  PLUS 1. READ MORE HERE ON PLUS 1.   Who should consider joining this clinical trial? Any male who has and enlarged prostate (BPH) who has tried the available drugs for such condition and; do not… [Read More]

Organic Food is Better according to a new study   Doggy Bag Message First Organic food is seemingly more nutritious; contain more protective antioxidants, contain 4 times less pesticides and lower amounts of unhealthy metals like cadmium. While not everything that’s labeled organic is healthy or local, buying organic produce, especially the dirty dozen is… [Read More]

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