As the Golden State Warriors play their first game in the next round of the playoffs, they will again be without their head coach Steve Kerr. Kerr’s life has seemingly changed forever. It is brutally difficult to see the debilitating effects of a botched surgical lower back procedure as is the case for the five-time basketball… [Read More]

Recently, this New York Times (NYT) article suggested that taking vitamin D is a waste of time and money. Gina Kolata, a medical journalist for the NYT, highlighted two new studies concluding that vitamin D does not prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) or cancer. Here is a summary of the two studies mentioned in the NYT:… [Read More]

  I am painfully a hardcore New York Knick basketball fan. They have been horrific all year (actually for over 20 years) so I have not tuned in much. As good as Phil Jackson was as a basketball head coach winning eleven championship rings, is as pathetic he is as a general manager of the… [Read More]

Creatine is an extremely popular supplement used to improve exercise performance (1). It has been studied for 200 years, and is one of the most scientifically valid supplements (2). In addition to exercise, creatine may also have health benefits (3). This article explains how creatine improves exercise performance. Creatine’s main role is to enhance energy… [Read More]

Today's blog post is for informational, and perhaps comical purposes. There is a trend in some Asian countries in improving male potency by smashing the pelvic area with kicks, logs or any device. It is called Iron Crotch. I am not kidding. Initially, this martial art technique was developed by kung fu practitioners to withstand a… [Read More]

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