This recent study shows low vitamin D levels associated with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) in men, especially during the winter. STUDY DETAILS 457 patients in a prospective study Evaluation included medical history acquisition, physical examination and the completion of validated questionnaires, such as the IPSS, the Overactive Bladder Symptom Score (OABSS), and the International… [Read More]

[image above from successfully fit]   Stay focused on what’s important on this 4th of July; a celebration of your patriotism to the United States ( if you live in the US) and a time to spend with friends and family. With that in mind, here are the; 7 Realistic, no BS Tips to Staying… [Read More]

[Image of me training at 4:36 AM. It’s not what I like doing, but what I have to do.]   I’ve noticed people making all sorts of excuses not to exercise. And it’s not because there is no evidence that exercise helps us live longer and better. The scientific literature is packed with proof that… [Read More]

Let’s get right to it. Study Details on Testosterone and Prostate Cancer A retrospective study observing 147,593 men included 58,617 in men aged 40 to 89 years with low testosterone from 2002 to 2011. 313 aggressive CaPs were diagnosed After adjusting for age, race, hospitalization during the year before cohort entry, geography, BMI, medical comorbidities,… [Read More]

  Hey, it’s Dr. Geo here! Have you wondered why cruciferous vegetables are so protective against prostate cancer? Cruciferous vegetables are those vegetables we call broccoli, cabbage,  bok choy, kale, and Brussel sprouts. Why are these vegetables particularly so protective against prostate cancer? One study shows it reduces the risk (of prostate cancer) in those… [Read More]

Every year around this time, I think back on how I performed as a dad the year prior. As usual, I grade myself a B+. That means I too fail at it at times. Being a dad defines who I am as much as being a doctor.  It’s also my most important job. But its… [Read More]

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