The Pregame Holiday Mindset

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The Holiday Mindset

I enjoy the holidays

Outside of the hustle and bustle and excess, often unnecessary spending, I enjoy food and drink with family and friends.

But I know I have to “pregame” before the festivities. I can’t go to cold the party.

What do I mean by that?

Besides what most of us think, there is no benefit in stuffing ourselves with food and drink. None.

Yes, there is a temporary “feel good” moment but the lethargy and slowness sets in quickly and it may linger until the next day. In general, the short-term and long-term effects of gluttony is not good.

Here’s how to “pregame” before the holiday’s festivities:

  1. Physically train every day during the holiday season. Not to be a Grinch, but disease process and our bodies decay don’t take vacations. Get your training in, even if its just 20 minutes.
  2. Make a smoothie before the party. I typically make a smoothing with coconut milk, one tablespoon of almond butter, raw cacao powder, two teaspoons of coconut oil and a scoop of a protein, green powder. Like that, I am not hungry when I get to the event; now I can enjoy the company and moderate amounts of all foods.
  3. There’s no need to abstain from any food on the menu. Enjoy a reasonable amount of what’s available and engage with loved ones. Maybe this pregame plan helps you tolerate the less than an optimal person as well. There’s at least one at every party, no worries.
  4. Eat without guilt. Not only this upcoming week but in general. Guilt is more indigestible than any bad food we eat.
  5. Take your supplements. If you are on a dietary supplement regimen, this is not the time to fall off the wagon. Any dietary digression is compensated by exercise and taking a good combination of supplements. If you are not on a supplement regimen, see an expert to help with what you need. Typically naturopathic and functional medicine doctors are an excellent source.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Healthy New Year!

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by Dr. Geo

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  • Joe Porcelli 12/24/2018, 9:53 AM

    Great advice.

    I would like to wish you and your
    Family a very Merry Christmas and
    Happy & healthy New Year!
    Thank you for all that you have
    Done for me, and continue to do
    to keep me on the path to optimal health.
    Becoming your patient was truly a
    Life changing experience.
    I feel (and look) better then ever
    all thanks to your diet and lifestyle regimen.
    All the best,

  • mike jaffe 12/24/2018, 10:30 AM

    good stuff and well said, dr geo.



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