These are some praises of those who have graciously expressed their experience with working with me. To all whom have sought my help: I’m grateful and privileged to being a part of your healthcare team.

– Dr. Geo


“I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate your treatment approach to prostate cancer. For the first time, I truly feel that with your holistic approach I am optimizing my health and on the road to full recovery. After my visits with you, I feel great optimism. You continually arm me with the knowledge and inspiration to defeat my hostile predator. Every day I eat organic fruits and vegetables, workout, monitor my stress levels and take your recommended regimen of supplements. Indeed, you have made a difference in my life. I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the great work!”

JG –Virginia


“I have been working with Dr. Geo in conjunction with NYU Urology over the past year. I am 63 years old, and had surgery (RP) for Prostate Cancer over five years ago. After experiencing several practices in the past, I feel very comfortable and fortunate to have found this program. I have been following Dr. Geo’s regiment of supplements, diet change and exercise, which is now my cornerstone for my care into the future.”

RL–New Jersey


” My pelvic pain from IC was debilitating me. As a young single women with an active life, I was barely able to work, none-the-less have a social life. With Dr. Geo’s approach of diet, herbs and acupuncture, I am now back to my normal self. ”

SL – New York


“When a healthcare professional with skills as an acupuncturist, certified nutrition specialist, registered herbalist and naturopathic doctor talks, I listen. And I am glad I did. Dr. Geo Espinosa, commonly known as Dr. Geo, gave me a list of vitamins and supplements to enhance my treatment for prostrate cancer. It definitely helped. Furthermore, with his encouragement and support, I made a dramatic change in my lifestyle, dropping those red meat meals with butter soaked baked potatoes and calorie filled deserts, for a healthy diet of fish, vegetables and fruits. I learned a healthy diet can also be tasty and filling. Getting to the gym on a regular basis at his urging also helped. I also look forward to his observations and comments on relevant medical topics on his popular website, www.drgeo.com As the founder of the Integrative Urology Center at the NYU Langone Medical Center, Dr. Geo preaches a holistic approach to the treatment of prostate cancer and I have become a convert.”



“I meet Dr. Geo in pursuing my treatment for prostate cancer. He explained in detail what I was facing and the lifestyle changes I needed to adopt in treating my condition. I felt comfortable with his informative, personalized approach and worked to implement his recommendations for a life style change, from the supplements I am taking, to managing my weight, changing my eating habits with accent on organic foods and vegetables, exercising etc. He created a personalized plan for me with supplements and foods I needed to introduce in my diet, and the ones I needed to exclude.”

IL–New Jersey


“Dr. Espinosa’s cogent management of my case proved that I can successfully implement reliable alternative treatment protocols that enhance my quality of life and reverse my High Grade PIN to normal prostate cells.”

VR–New York


“Prostate cancer is a fear filled experience. Following surgery I wanted to take tangible action to minimize the chance of recurrence. My surgeon introduced me to Geo Espinosa who provided a well thought out and researched comprehensive program, which included diet, supplementation and exercise. To date I not only have been cancer free but my overall health and wellness are excellent. Geo’s guidance has been a vital cog in my recovery.”



“My PSA started rising 15 months after my radical prostatectomy and Dr. Geo has helped me manage my recurring prostate cancer for over four years with diet, exercise, and a natural health plan of supplements. My quality of life is better now than it was before the operation, and I am grateful to feel vital and to keep active in all the things I want to do.”



” I was not getting anywhere with Elmiron and other medications for my condition. I could not stand one more cystoscope in me. I have been suffering from Interstitial Cystitis for 15 years and there came a point where I just learned how to deal with it. After my one recent major flare-up I decided to see Dr. Geo and within 3 weeks of acupuncture I was feeling 50% better. By the 6th treatment I improved up to 90%. It has been 6 months and I am still doing great. It is wonderful to know there is a doc out there that understands this condition and treats us compassionately.”

LM – Pennsylvania


“Dr Geo helps keeps you on the path of good health by providing quality office visits where you can acquire knowledge and share ideas without feeling rushed. This approach allows the patient to participate in his health care with guidance using a fact based approach.”

FA – Pennsylvania


“Dr. Geo, I want to share with you and your other patients that I personally have had amazing results following your protocol. Your specific guidelines to my individual needs in changing my lifestyle are as much a factor in my positive results as the protocol itself. As with any disease, in order for the healing process to take place, the patient must be committed and embrace making major and minor lifestyle changes. Positive results and changes do occur. There is no magic bullet. Here is how I sum it up-If there is no discipline on the part of the patient, the results will speak for themselves.-The body has the ability to heal itself in many areas. My personal experience in changing my lifestyle and being healthy includes eating the foods that strengthen the body and eliminating the foods that destroy it. Exercising is also key and Dr. Geo’s knowledge of changing it up makes all the difference. There is no room for a negative attitude. I am winning because I keep a positive attitude about the outcome. Discipline equals results. Dr. Geo has been a life coach for me. I’ve lost 55 pounds and increased my muscle mass. My vital signs have also improved which have undoubtedly improved the condition of my prostate. As horrible the diagnosis was when I committed to making the lifestyle changes to fight my prostate condition, my whole body as well the rest of my organs are in better condition now then 15 years ago. I’m going to win this war and any disease that comes my way. Mind, Body and Spirit all work together and for me, I’m winning the battle.”

AH – South Hampton, NY


I am a new patient to Dr. Geo, before meeting Dr. G, I was heavily involved taking many supplements, and feeling extremely good in all aspects. Just before meeting Dr.G I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Dr. G introduced me to his recommended supplements, many of which I was already taking, but now in what I believe to be at pharmaceutical level, long story short, my PSA numbers have decreased and my energy level has gone through the roof. life is good and I am committed to Dr. G’s advise.

MG – Boca Raton, Florida