Testicular Fortitude by practicing Iron Crotch

Today’s blog post is for informational, and perhaps comical purposes.

There is a trend in some Asian countries in improving male potency by smashing the pelvic area with kicks, logs or any device. It is called Iron Crotch. I am not kidding.

Initially, this martial art technique was developed by kung fu practitioners to withstand a blow to the groin and be able to continue fighting. Within the last twenty-five years or so, it is thought that this practice promotes penile strength and improve sexual prowess.

I posted a video on Yin Diao Gong several years ago, a form of testicular weight lifting if you will which purportedly also helps with improving potency.

I could not find a randomized clinical trial for this approach (LOL) or any credible source to cite but make no mistake; this is practice is a trend working its way to Western countries.

While I can always go for extreme challenges (subjective concept) and look forward to reasonable discomfort ( cold showers daily, Krav Maga lately) in hopes for long-term wellness and survival preparation, crushing my genitals is not something I’m signing for anytime soon. But, you never know. 🙂

Enjoy this video on the Practice of Iron Crotch. Guys, this may be painful to watch. Fair warning.

*Literally, do not try this on your own. I truly have no idea if this approach is beneficial.*

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