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Who is Dr. Geo?

It’s probably good to start by sharing with you a little about myself, don’t you think?

My full name is Geovanni Espinosa, but I’m affectionately known as Dr. Geo. I’m from Cuban parents and grew up in the Bronx, New York. I am happily married and a proud father of three little ones.  I simply enjoy taking care of my body and spending fun moments with my family and friends. Lastly, I like training with weights, interval training, and the Israeli martial art,  Krav Maga – which I find it to be the ultimate “out-of-comfort-zone” experience.

Regarding my vocation, I’m a clinical professor at New York University (NYU) in Urology and an integrative urology specialist.

Also, I am faculty and educator for the Institute for Functional Medicine.

I’m obsessed with preventing and bringing solutions to urological problems with natural medicine.

My expertise is primarily in prostate cancer, prostatitis, prostate enlargement (BPH), chronic penis pain, chronic scrotum and testicular pain, male sexual dysfunction, bladder pain, and interstitial cystitis (which affects women, too), sports nutrition, sports medicine with acupuncture and pain management. 

Click HERE if you’re curious to learn more about me.

The Blog

The blog is my attempt to disseminate the latest research and my clinical findings to empower you with knowledge so that you obtain optimal health.  

As a middle age man, I also write about health-related topics I am curious about regarding aging successfully.

Did you know that the word doctor comes from the Latin word docere, which means “teacher”? The blog is a platform to teach you how to rebuild, reclaim and renew your health.

Look, I don’t have all the answers but I can share with you what I know.  And I work incessantly hard to learn more.

The blog is on the home page HERE.

The Clinic – Naturopathic & Functional Urology

My expertise is in naturopathic and functional medicine and I clinically apply that approach to urological conditions.

While I am “agnostic” in the way I practice and only focus on what works, I explore holistic possibilities first, which work almost all the times.

NEW YORK OFFICE: If interested in making an appointment in my New York office, contact Precious: Phone: 646.490.0536, Email:

[Email Precious – it’s probably the best way of reaching her to schedule an appointment]

On the subject line type: APPOINTMENT WITH DR.GEO  


STAMFORD, CT OFFICE: For Clinical Appointment at my Stamford, CT office at the Center for Functional Medicine call:

(203)- 312 – 0200

To learn more about our clinical services click HERE

Pre-Surgery Integrative Program (PSIP)


 9This service is a “game-changer” for the patient preparing for the surgical removal of the prostate.  Patients anticipating prostate cancer surgery have an opportunity to improve their surgical outcome with a Pre-Surgery Integrative Program (PSIP).

Benefits include:

  • Faster surgical recovery
  • Faster urinary continence
  • Faster healing of the surgical scars and anastomosis between the bladder and urethra.

To learn on how to get your body ready for your prostate cancer surgery with nutrition and key exercises CLICK HERE.

No, you do not need to be a patient at NYU to benefit from the PSIP ( a question asked often). We welcome PSIP patients from anywhere and every state. Also, I work closely with your surgeon to assure that you have the best outcome possible: less pain, faster bowel movements, and less urinary leaking – after your surgery.

The PSIP visit is a one-time, 45-minute visit.  It’s best to come in one to two weeks before your surgical date.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment click HERE.

Virtual Consult

There are hundreds of patients who want to see me at the clinic but can’t (very humbling by the way)  because they live too far from our office. Well, you can “pick my brain” (but not my pockets, ha) right from your home or office.

Once you send us all of the pertinent medical information and have filled out our intake form, I can consult with you on the best strategy to improve your health. 

We are currently welcoming new patients for virtual consults.

For more information on this service, click HERE.

To make a phone or skype consult appointment email or call my assistant Precious: Phone: 646.490.0536, Email:

Emailing Erica is probably the best way of reaching her to schedule an appointment.

On the subject line type: APPOINTMENT WITH DR.GEO  

Prostate Cancer Strategist

A prostate cancer diagnosis is the worst! So are prostate biopsies. There is no way to sugar coat that, right? You are in good health, living a pretty good life and then, BAM! You need a prostate biopsy or now diagnosed with prostate cancer. What next? Do you really need a prostate biopsy? If already diagnosed with prostate cancer,  what is the best treatment for you?

The scientific research clearly shows there is over screening and overtreatment of prostate cancer. And that is part of the prostate cancer confusion.

I have helped hundreds of patients as their prostate cancer strategist.

With this service, I help men determine if they truly need a prostate biopsy or if already diagnosed, discover the best treatment option specific to his type of disease. Often no treatment is needed at all for prostate cancer.

For more on the Prostate Cancer Strategist service, click HERE.

To make an appointment email or call my assistant Precious: Phone: 646.490.0536, Email:

Emailing Felicia is probably the best way of reaching her to schedule an appointment.

On the subject line type: APPOINTMENT WITH DR.GEO