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[Short Thought] The Male Silly Mind


I have the good fortune of having helped  thousands of patients regain and rebuild their health at my clinic, mostly men. But I admit, I get frustrated when a patient “falls off the horse” and “stay of the horse” when they receive good news…

“Your PSA dropped from 5.2 to 3.1”

“Your cholesterol is now 170 from 250”

“The surgery was a success. You are cancer-free”

Good health news is not a license to stop the habits and behaviors that got you there, but an impulse to do even better – live your best life.

Only those with a silly mind start a pattern of inactivity, poor nutrition, and abstinence of targeted supplement intake when his doctor gives him good news. “Your numbers look good.” Like Tim Russert, the newsman who died in 2008 from cardiac arrest, many people die too soon with good numbers.

Don’t have a silly mind. Stay the course.

Be well.

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