saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto may help with prostatitis

Recently I expressed the frustration about the lack of interest among the scientific and medical community in finding solutions for chronic prostatitis.

Saw Palmetto, an herb that has traditionally been used for prostate enlargement, may help men with prostatitis.

At the recent 27th Annual European Association of Urology Congress, investigators presented their findings on a comparison of tamsulosin and a saw palmetto formulation in the treatment of 157 men (age range, 24 to 61) with chronic prostatitis. Saw palmetto appeared to be the better choice in the treatment of men with chronic prostatitis given that its CPSI scores were comparable with those of tamsulosin, plus it provided better pain control.

For maximal synergistic value,  saw palmetto combined with other powerful natural anti-inflammatories like rye pollen extract, quercetin and beta-sitosterol can offer the best help for men suffering from prostatitis.


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