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Prostate Cancer Focused Nutrition

Early in 2010, David and I developed XY Wellness to improve men’s health after prostate cancer.

David had his scare with this disease when he was diagnosed in early 2000.

His goal was not to die from prostate cancer by learning habits, behaviors, and lifestyle to improve his prognosis and see his two young daughters grow up.

Today, in his early sixties, David continues to thrive, not only survive after prostate cancer.

I have been clinically working with mostly prostate cancer patients for close to twenty years. Through my research, clinical experience, and unending curiosity about this disease, I have been able to help thousands of patients worldwide not only survive prostate cancer but thrive after it.

For me, it is a privilege to work with men and getting them through the confusing process of choosing between medical treatments, best diet, prescribed exercise regimen, and focused dietary supplements.

XY Wellness results from David’s personal experience with prostate cancer and my clinical experience with the disease.

Our mission with XY Wellness is to provide a no-nonsense, high-value integrative roadmap to health and wellness for men living with prostate cancer.

We strive to remove the guesswork on nutrition and 100% focus on what essential nutrients men need to optimize their health despite the disease.

We research prostate cancer so that you don’t have to.

To learn more about XY Wellness, visit the website here.

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