Please support licensure of Naturopathic Medicine in NY!

While I was at the AUA in Washington DC on Tuesday my Naturopathic colleagues were in Albany meeting with legislators working towards licensure of Naturopathic physicians in New York State.


The problem:

ND’s are trained to practice medicine and ONLY 16 states offers a naturopathic medical  license.

The closest state to NY to offer Naturopathic licensure is Connecticut.


How do ND’s practice in New York?


Many ND’s in NY practice with another license, like an acupuncture license for example. Others just practice as nutritional consultants but they cannot diagnose a disease or treat any disease with naturopathic treatments or medications like in other states. Yet others live in New York and travel to practice in Connecticut.


How are ND’s different than MD’s ?


ND’s are another branch of medicine that are experts in the medical use of natural therapies like medicinal herbs, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, environmental medicine and lifestyle medicine. Prescriptive rights are offered in many licensed states. ND’s complete their rigorous clinical training during the last 2 out 4 years of naturopathic medical school. Some may decide to complete a residency in general medicine or, as it is in my case, urology after naturopathic medical school.

MD’s go through 4 years of medical school followed by 4 to 6  years of residency where they focus in on area of medicine; eg. cardiology, urology, neurology, etc.


Why is this important?

Many of those that have been treated by ND’s will tell you that they have experienced relief from their chronic ailments from naturopathic medicine. For acute illness’, eg severe infection, car accident, cancerous tumor, one would NOT use a naturopath ( as they are often referred to) but a medical doctor for the initial care then be treated by a naturopath for over all care of chronic disease.

ND’s in NY are limited with ordering labs and diagnosing and treating disease.

The best way of treating disease is by preventing it in the first place and ND’s are properly trained in this area.

Preventive medicine is cheaper and will lower health care cost dramatically.

Naturopathic medicine does not replace mainstream medicine but it complements it – we become partners of good medical outcomes.


What can you do?

Go to this link and contact your legislator.



American Association of Naturopathic Physicians –

New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians –

New York Council for Naturopathic Licensure –


Please help this important cause.

Thank you.


In Optimal Health,

Dr. Geo

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