I just read this online article  – a letter why a mom would NOT send her kids to sleepaway camp. I read this right after discussing with Johanna, my wife, on the to-do list for our teenage girls who are heading to sleep away camp for a month. This is their fourth year going, so any idea… [Read More]

[image above from our CaPLESS Retreat. Participants doing weight resistance exercise using kettlebells]   A recent study of over 150,000  men with prostate cancer showed androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) exposure was associated with subsequent diagnosis of Alzheimer disease or dementia over a follow-up period of at least 10 years. Among 154,000 older patients, 13% who… [Read More]

There is no medicinal herb more researched for cancer more than curcumin. When doing a regular PubMed search on “curcumin and cancer” retrieves more than five thousand studies. Even when searching “curcumin and prostate cancer” gets you close to 350 scientific papers. This potent herb does not only have potent anti-inflammatory properties, which in at… [Read More]

I gave a live webinar this past week and openly talked about the use of supplements for prostate cancer without citing any of my recommendations. The following is a list of natural compounds I think should be considered for prostate cancer in supplementation. By no means is this article suggesting to replace your doctor’s advice… [Read More]

I count my blessings every day for the amazing career I’m fortunate to have in the world of prostate cancer, male optimization, and holistic urology. At this point, hard work, passion and some luck, I’m asked to give talks all over the world, writing my second book on prostate cancer and am faculty at one… [Read More]

Some humor to start the day. There’s always plenty of humorous material in urology and men’s health.

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