Active surveillance (AS) continues to be one of the more popular options for managing prostate cancer. Statistics in JAMA found that the number of men with low-risk prostate cancer who chose AS over other treatments rose from 14.5 percent to 42.1 percent between 2010 and 2015. Yet, some men may not take full advantage of its benefits.… [Read More]

The inability to function sexually can be embarrassing to a man. No question. There are many stigmas tied to a man’s manliness and his ability to rise to the occasion. While sexual function is important for the quality of life, erectile dysfunction can be a signed of a more deadly problem, like a heart attack The… [Read More]

[Image from Time magazine article] As a native New Yorker, I hold a heavy heart every September 11 for the thousands who died and the thousands who survived. But I have a special connection for the heroic first responders and recovery workers who helped during the aftermath, like firefighters, police officers, and medical personnel.  Not… [Read More]

  You no doubt pop an aspirin now and then to soothe a headache. Nothing wrong with that, but what happens if you take too much aspirin, especially every day? And perhaps more important, how does this affect prostate cancer?   First off, using aspirin as regular medicine has been around for some time. Physician’s often… [Read More]

[Image from recent CaPLESS Retreat]   Where your extra fat lies in your body may predict the seriousness of your cancer.   One of the first areas I address with my patients is fat management, and how important it is to lose excess weight from fat, if needed.  The reason? Fat gain is not only… [Read More]

[Image above from]   There are several reasons why I am writing this blog post today. I am a combat sports fan. I love it so much that I train in martial arts. I love how the human body works and to figure out why it does not work when it doesn’t. Early in… [Read More]

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