I gave a live webinar this past week and openly talked about the use of supplements for prostate cancer without citing any of my recommendations. The following is a list of natural compounds I think should be considered for prostate cancer in supplementation. By no means is this article suggesting to replace your doctor’s advice… [Read More]

I count my blessings every day for the amazing career I’m fortunate to have in the world of prostate cancer, male optimization, and holistic urology. At this point, hard work, passion and some luck, I’m asked to give talks all over the world, writing my second book on prostate cancer and am faculty at one… [Read More]

Some humor to start the day. There’s always plenty of humorous material in urology and men’s health.

This is some of the takeaways from the AUA meeting this past week. Today we focus on prostate cancer. Is metabolic syndrome a risk factor of prostate cancer (PrCa)? Cosimo De Nunzio, Department of Urology, Ospedale Sant Andrea, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy presented a study of 309 patients with a median age of 68 of… [Read More]

I’m going to cut to the chase. (I think there’s a pun here :)) Eating red meat does NOT cause prostate cancer and does NOT make prostate cancer worse after diagnosis. But there’s a caveat. Here’s what you need to know: Processed meats, maybe due to nitrites in them used as preservatives, can increase prostate cancer risk… [Read More]

New 2019 Dirty Dozen list The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently announced the 2019 Dirty Dozen list. The EWG dirty dozen are those fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides and herbicides that might be harmful to your health. The biggest surprise here is Kale, now part of the dirty dozen, meaning, if you want… [Read More]

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