Coronavirus has been a major pain in the butt.  The academic institution that employees me placed a ban on ALL faculty for traveling for conferences, business, or courses under any circumstances for 60 days. That means I will not give my male hormone lecture at my scheduled talk this week for the Institute for… [Read More]

I’m an active guy. Even with my crazy work schedule and busy family life, I always set aside time to exercise, whether it’s strength training, cycling around New York, or training in martial arts. Exercise is good for my body and mind, which is why I always prescribe a good dose of regular exercise as… [Read More]

Soy what?  Can this popular meat substitute protect against prostate cancer?  For some people, soy is synonymous with health. So many labeled healthy foods are made from the popular Asian-native soybean, like tofu and soymilk. Soy is also a popular meat substitute, especially for burgers, hot dogs, and meatballs. Fermented soy is made into foods… [Read More]

Kobe, the Father.

I, like you, feel the pain of the tragic passing of an iconic basketball player in Kobe Bryant [I am tearing up as I write this]   The memories of his heroic play, day in and day out, are unforgettable for any sports fan. I love, I mean LOVE seeing greatness in anything. Seeing people… [Read More]

A recent study that caused all the hype was published by the Annals of Internal Medicine. A group of international researchers conducted five systematic reviews that examined the link between red and processed meat and various health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  Their conclusion? According to the researchers, the existing evidence that… [Read More]

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