You no doubt pop an aspirin now and then to soothe a headache. Nothing wrong with that, but what happens if you take too much aspirin, especially every day? And perhaps more important, how does this affect prostate cancer?   First off, using aspirin as regular medicine has been around for some time. Physician’s often… [Read More]

[Image from recent CaPLESS Retreat]   Where your extra fat lies in your body may predict the seriousness of your cancer.   One of the first areas I address with my patients is fat management, and how important it is to lose excess weight from fat, if needed.  The reason? Fat gain is not only… [Read More]

[Image above from]   There are several reasons why I am writing this blog post today. I am a combat sports fan. I love it so much that I train in martial arts. I love how the human body works and to figure out why it does not work when it doesn’t. Early in… [Read More]

No matter where you are with your prostate health—from monitoring your PSA to undergoing treatment—dealing with this new chapter of your life can be stressful.  And any extra stress can make your situation even worse. Extreme stress can flood your body with inflammation, which creates a fertile environment for prostate cancer to grow and spread.… [Read More]

I just read this online article  – a letter why a mom would NOT send her kids to sleepaway camp. I read this right after discussing with Johanna, my wife, on the to-do list for our teenage girls who are heading to sleep away camp for a month. This is their fourth year going, so any idea… [Read More]

[image above from our CaPLESS Retreat. Participants doing weight resistance exercise using kettlebells]   A recent study of over 150,000  men with prostate cancer showed androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) exposure was associated with subsequent diagnosis of Alzheimer disease or dementia over a follow-up period of at least 10 years. Among 154,000 older patients, 13% who… [Read More]

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