One last thing on the fish oil / prostate cancer study

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One last thing regarding the dubious fish oil study and increase risk of prostate cancer.

It’s been two weeks since the fish oil / prostate cancer study was published and I am still answering questions from concerned patients, readers and radio show listeners. The media clearly succeeded in inducing a false scare by sensationalizing the misleading conclusion of a study that one can argue should have never been published.

By now  you know my views on this multi-flawed study.

In case you don’t:

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But here is one thing I did not mention which further emphasizes why this study shouldn’t have been published in the first place.

Not only did they never study the consumption of fish or fish oils and its relation to aggressive prostate cancer, but Brasky and clan categorized gleason 7 cancers (4 +3) as aggressive cancers. Gleason 7 cancer are considered intermediate  cancers not aggressive. So part of the “70% higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer” that they purported included those with gleason 7 disease.

The gleason grading system is used only in prostate cancer and measures how aggressive the cancer is. It also help to determine a prognosis. The higher the number, the more aggressive, therefore,  the higher the potential for cancer to spread.

I wonder how  Dr. House would respond to this study?


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by Dr. Geo

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  • James at NYCBody 08/09/2013, 10:48 AM

    There are many ways to skew information to discredit supplements. Here’s one: we don’t know what terrible condition the subjects were in in the first place. Maybe they were about to die and selected to prove their point. We don’t see the actual study to evaluate it for ourselves.


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