New Study Reveals: Day Dreaming is Unhealthy

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A Man Daydreaming while at workRecent studies have shown that daydreaming makes one look miserable.The findings claim that people spend closely half of their waking hours day dreaming, despite the fact whether they are at job or doing something else.

However strange thing to be noticed goes opposite to the perception, that idle thoughts do not make one happy, even if they are pleasant and likely suitable. Cons tarry to it, day dreaming lands us on yearning what possibly might have been instead of what is there.

Details of the Study:

The study perfumed at Harvard University, concluded that our minds wandered for 46.9 per cent of the time, starting from early morning commuting to doing the regular housework. It has been observed that only in case of making love the mind concentrates 100percent at the job in hand. The study employed mobile phone technology to follow 2,000 volunteers going about their daily lives.

They responded by sending updates on what they are upto and at the same time, how ecstatic they felt and whether their mind was wandering. Researcher Matthew Killingsworth said: `This study shows our mental lives are pervaded, to a remarkable degree, by the non-present.’ The respondents seem to be less excited after allowing their mind wander than they it was before. The experts claimed that one of the probable reasons is that it acts like a wanderer to a neutral or unpleasant topic than to a pleasant one.

Researcher Professor Daniel Gilbert stated: `Many philosophical and religious traditions teach happiness is to be found by living in the moment. They suggest that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.’


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by Dr. Geo

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