Why can’t you get everything you need from food alone?

Eating clean is important, of course, but the inconvenient truth is that one can’t get everything from food. It is simply not possible. 

But what does eating clean mean? There are many opinions on the web and even amongst experts about the best diet. Eating clean means consuming minimally processed foods, mostly whole foods, with minimal to no exposure to toxic chemicals, mostly plant-based and locally grown. 

Eating animal products, i.e., fish, poultry, and red meats, how the animal is raised and eats matters too. In other words, to quote Michael Pollan, the author of Omnivore’s Dilemma, you are not only what you eat but also what you eat.

Who’s practicing a perfect, clean diet? No one is. From the tens of thousands of people I’ve met who follow “healthy eating habits,” I can count on one hand the number of people I know that eat that clean. Despite your best attempt, it is hard to eat that way. When you have a meal outside your home, you have less control over the quality of food you ingest.

Also, our food supply is depleted of nutrients because it grows in suboptimal soil, developed with industrial farming and hybridization techniques, or is transported thousands of miles away. Transport can take weeks, if not months, before it ends in our mouth. And that’s why consuming the proper nutraceuticals and dietary supplements to improve all health and promote longevity is so essential. 

Aren’t consuming dietary supplements just “expensive urine?”

This is the other question I am frequently asked…

Let me ask you this, why drink water? Aren’t you going to pee out most of that water anyway? You can see the silliness in this argument. Yes, in its innate wisdom, your body will urinate out water-soluble vitamins and minerals, but only after it saturates the cells with what it needs. All leftovers are released in the urine to prevent any excess of anyone nutrient.

What XY Wellness / Mr. Happy Supplements Work Best for Your Individual Need

These are foundational recommendations for the different Prostate Scenarios:

Category One: Men with the whole or part of their prostate intact

Suggested for men:

With low-risk prostate cancer diagnosis 
Treated with focal therapy. 
On Active Surveillance (AS)
Strong family history of prostate cancer. 
With elevated PSA but not diagnosed with prostate cancer or with 
With prostate-related urinary symptoms.

Therapeutic goal:

Help men avoid needing medical treatment. 
stabilize PSA rise
Improve urinary function.
Many other overall health benefits.

You have many options for this category, so here, I list them in descending priority from the strongest nutraceutical solution slightly less optimal and depending on the number of pills you are willing to consume and on your budget.

Regimen 01 (includes all in #2 below plus a fish oil pill)
ImmunoPCTN + GDtoxSel +  Mr. Happy Prostate Support  (includes all in Regimen 01 except a fish oil pill)
ImmunoPCTN + GDtoxSel 
ImmunoPCTN + Mr. Happy Prostate Support 
 Mr. Happy Prostate Support

Category Two: Men with prostate surgically removed for prostate cancer

Therapeutic goal:

Lower-risk prostate cancer recurrence
Stabilize PSA recurrence after surgical removal of the prostate.

Nutraceutical recommendations:

Regimen 02
AHCC – add for additional support. 
Mr. Happy Prostate Support – to add stronger support and optimize urinary function, despite not having a prostate.

Category Three: Men on Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) 

Therapeutic goal

Support ADT to slow prostate cancer progression.
Reduce adverse side effects from ADT.

Nutraceutical recommendations:

Regimen 03 
AHCC – add for additional support 
Mr. Happy Prostate Support – add a stronger support and to optimize urinary function despite not having a prostate,

How to take single-bottle formulas

Mr. Happy Prostate support 

Take 3 pills in the morning or 3 pills at night depending on covenience


Take two pills twice daily, with or without food, 8 to 12 hours apart. Best to take with GDtoxSel for better results.


Take three pills in the morning. Best to take with ImmunoPCTN for better results.

Additional Suggestions:

Take nighttime pills two to three hours before bedtime.
Depending on the combination of formulas you take, some people may experience GI distress, including reflux from the amount of ginger and curcumin.
The discomfort will go away in about one to two minutes, but if it persists, take supplements with food.

Bringing it all home

While a clean, whole foods diet is essential, physical exercise is arguably even more important. Physical exercise can provide anti-cancer properties on its own. It also helps improve circulation so that all those critical nutraceutical ingredients and good food you eat circulate in your body and create a hostile cancer environment. I trust this note helps you better understand why I think nutraceutical supplements are critical to your well-being, even with a good diet.

Much Love!

Dr. Geo

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Dr. Geo Espinosa

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