I’ve just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now what?

1)   Don’t rush. Your treatment choice will be a life-changing decision.

2)   Do your homework. See at least three urologists before choosing a treatment.

3)   Don’t give in to anyone’s pressure.

4)   Listen to your family carefully. They love you, I know. But all they hear is the “C-word,” not prostate cancer. It’s easy to think, “Let’s take it out,” but surgery is not necessarily the best option.

5)   Ask your doctor if you are a candidate for Active Surveillance.

6)   Send your biopsy slides to other medical pathologist to make sure the Gleason score is correct. Mistakes in staging are made all the time.

7)   Hire Dr.Geo to be your Prostate Cancer Strategist. Go HERE for more information or contact Precious, my assistant: Phone: 646.490.0536, Email:Precious@drgeo.com

Just diagnosed with prostatitis. Now what?

1)   Find a prostatitis-friendly doctor. Most are not. Go to Prostatitis.net for more information.

2)   Natural medicine may work best. To find a licensed natural medicine doctor go to www.naturopathic.org. You can also go to www.acam.org.

3)   You may never be cured. Although, with the right treatment, you may get about 80% better where your condition is manageable.

4)   Another good resource is the book A Headache in the Pelvis, 6th edition by David Wise, PH.D and Rodney Anderson, MD.

5)   Try acupuncture. Many studies have shown acupuncture to be helpful .To find an acupuncturist near you go to www.acufinder.com.

6)   Consider the dietary supplement a fine blend of natural agents that include: quercetin, curcumin, rye pollen extract (Graminex) and other natural anti-inflammatories

7)   If you live in the Tri-State New York metro area, you can make an appointment with us at the NYU Integrative Urology Center. Call 646.744.1515.

Just diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis / Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC /PBS). Now what?

1)   Find an IC friendly doctor. Most are not. Go to www.IC-network.com. to find an IC friendly doctor.

2)   Natural medicine may work best. To find a licensed natural medicine doctor go to www. naturopathic.org. You can also go to www.acam.org.

3)   A multidisciplinary approach is required. You many even need a therapist. One type of treatment may not be enough.

4)   You may never be completely cured. And that’s OK. With the right treatment, you may be about 80% better, where your condition is manageable.

5)   Try acupuncture. To find an acupuncturist near you, go to www.acufinder.com.

6)   If you live in the Tri-State metro area, make an appointment with us: Phone: 646.490.0536, or email my assistant, Precious.

Email: Precious@drgeo.com

7)   Try the nutraceutical *Cysto Renew™ carefully formulated by Geo Espinosa, ND, LAc. Although it may not be a cure, it may bring significant relief.

Just diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Now what?

1)   Treat the underlying cause first. Don’t go for the ED drugs too soon. ED may be a sign of heart problems, low testosterone, poor sleep, or too much stress.

2)   Try a good nutraceutical supplement before drugs. A good dietary supplement helps build sexual health for optimal performance – so it is not event driven like Viagara, Levitra or Cialis (also good options when used intelligently)

3)   Try any of the ED drugs. They work well but they do not build sexual health. Main side effects include reddening of the face and eyes, headache, and back pain.

4)   See an ED specialist. There are a few. Just search for “Erectile Dysfunction doctor” in any search engine. NYU Langone Urology has Dr. Seth Cohen, who is an ED specialist.

5)   Try acupuncture. Acupuncture is a fantastic natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. To find an acupuncturist near you go to www.acufinder.com.

6)   At our Integrative Urology Clinic we do not only treat symptoms but we look for the cause and start there. To make an appointment with us, call Precious: Phone: 646.490.0536,  Email: Precious@drgeo.com

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