Gum disease associated with Impotence – 6 simple tips to help

Turkish study associates periodontal disease with Erectile dysfunction (ED).

  • Researchers looked at 162 men with gum disease (periodontal disease) examining the amount of plaque and bleeding during examination. They then filled out an ED questionnaire.
  • 19 out of 82 men with periodontal disease had no ED while 42 if the 82 with periodontal disease did suffer from ED ( and men with ED REALLY suffer).
  • The mechanism of how periodontal disease may cause ED is still unclear. (O?uz et al. 2012)

My take on this & Doggy bag


Bleeding gums are a signed of periodontal disease (PD). If your toothbrush is pink after brushing your teeth, you may have PD. If this happens, you need to speak to your dentist for sure, so they can assist you in finding the right gum treatment for your teeth/mouth. The gums ( as is the penis) is a barometer to the rest of the body. Research has associated gum problems with cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and dementia (Otomo-Corgel et al. 2012). PD is likely a systemic inflammatory problem, not just an oral problem. Systemic inflammation should be addressed as it often lead to heart disease, generalized pain and cancer ( just to name a few).

What to do – 6 practical tips:

  1. Have your doctor measure your C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels on your next blood test. High CRP is associated to PD (Ramamoorthy et al. 2012). Heads up! Physicians are not routinely ordering this test unless there is heart disease involved. Everyone should get their CRP taken regardless of cardiovascular risk. It’s a good (not perfect) inflammatory marker.
  1. Floss daily. The less food byproduct between your teeth, the lower your chances developing breeding ground for bacteria. If you’re worried about flossing or want some advice, contact a reptuable dentist like Dentist Middletown for help and advice.
  1. Brush daily (no brainer, right?) – especially at night. Saliva contains anti-microbial properties. You produce most saliva when you are awake. When sleeping, you have less of the protective properties of saliva – that’s partially why you have a dry mouth when you wake up. Microbes have a feast at night unless you floss and brush.
  1. Get a good toothbrush and change every three months or so. I like Phillips Sonicare. Also sold at Costco.
  1. For ED, always address the cause first. I know you want “it” to work when the moment is right, and that’s OK, but address the cause. Make sure you are not developing any cardiovascular problems or diabetes. See your cardiologist of an evaluation. When taking supplements, consider those that have good quality anti-oxidants like Resveratrol and Pomegranate. See XY VGR. These natural agents should work just fine with ED meds like Viagara or Cialis if needed.
  1. Naturally reduce inflammation. Sugar, foods made from flour and all crappy foods increase inflammation. Natural herbs and spices like curcumin from Tumeric reduces inflammation. Consider a good quality dietary supplement like inflammatone that contains high quality curcumin, ginger and other natural inflammatories. And yes, you should eat them in food.

If your gums continue to bleed, try and make an appointment with a Dentist Greene for a complete evaluation and treatment.

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