Finally, size don’t matter — prostate size that is.

Previous journal articles have suggested that men smaller prostates are at higher risk of high grade prostate cancer (Newton et al., 2010).

This months issue of the Journal of Urology, debunks that notion.

After looking at 1,404 patients from the Stanford Radical Prostatectomy Database with clinical stage T1c and T2 disease who underwent surgery between 1988 and 2002, researchers concluded that prostate weight was negatively associated with total cancer volume, volume of high grade disease and percentage of high grade disease.


In simple terms, there was no association with prostate size and stage of cancer.


Source: Liu et al; Small Prostate Size and High Grade Disease—Biology or Artifact? The Journal of Urology, Volume 185, Issue 6 , Pages 2108-2111, June 2011

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