The CaPLESS Method

What is the CaPLESS Method?

The CaPLESS Method (CM) is a science-based lifestyle program for men with prostate cancer.

CaPLESS is an acronym:

CaP – carcinoma of the prostate (the medical term for prostate cancer)
L – Lifestyle and behavioral modifications
E – Exercise and specific physical movement
S – Sleep for optimal restoration
S – Supplements, it’s smart and targeted use


We focus on prostate cancer – to help men apply the science of nutrition, exercise, sleep and smart use of dietary supplements for longevity and optimized functionality, despite the disease. And we believe this approach is real medicine.

The CaPLESS Method targets 5 pathways to create a microenvironment hostile to prostate cancer:

  1. Reduce excess production of inflammatory chemicals like; Nuclear Kappa of activated b-cells (NK-fB), Lipooxygenase (LOX) and Cyclooxygenase (COX)
  2. Strengthen the immune system, especially natural T killer cells (NK cells), and T-lymphocytes.
  3. Reduce excess blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.
  4. Improve the detoxification capacity of the body.
  5. Protect against oxidative stress.

The CaPLESS Method helps all men regardless of his grade and stage of disease or medical treatment he has undergone.

The CaPLESS Method Philosophy

Prostate cancer is a lifelong condition. Even after surgery or radiation, the probability of its recurrence is as high as 40%. We believe the application of the CaPLESS Method reduces the risk of recurrence from prostate cancer, minimizes unwanted side effects from medical treatment and promotes longevity and optimal health despite the disease.

For more information on the CaPLESS Method my book, Thrive Don’t Only Survive, our CaPLESS Events page and information on the CaPLESS Retreat.

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