An NYU Clinical Trial for Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

 NYU Urology is enrolling patients who have an enlarged prostate for this unique study

This clinical trial is called  PLUS 1. READ MORE HERE ON PLUS 1.


Who should consider joining this clinical trial?

Any male who has and enlarged prostate (BPH) who has tried the available drugs for such condition and;

  • do not like the side effects of BPH drugs
  • the drugs don’t work
  • have also tried dietary supplements for BPH and they don’t work either

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH) include:

  • Urinary frequency (having to use the restroom often)
  • Excessive nighttime urination ( called nocturia in medicine)
  • Urinary urgency (When you have to go and can’t hold it)
  • Slow urinary stream (slow stream evident by how weak your urine hits the bottom or the toilet)

PLUS 1 is a new alternative therapy that does not involve pills or invasive surgery for men that are suffering from frequency urination, getting up at night frequently or those that have a slow urinary stream from an enlarged prostate.  If the patient qualifies the treatment involves an injection of a protein directly into the prostate.  This protein causes the prostate cells to break open and should improve there symptoms.


If you want to join the trial;

You’d need to act quickly. Enrollment ends in two weeks (8/1/14).

Contact Lauri or Joseph to answer some simple questions and find out about the next steps.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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