A Thriver After Prostate Cancer

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Chris is one of the most amazing CaPLESS Thrivers I know. When I first met him about six years ago, he was 47 years olds with a PSA of 27.0. After biopsy, we discovered he had Gleason 9 prostate cancer all over his prostate.

But that’s not all.

Three months after his prostatectomy, his PSA was 20.0. [there is no error where the decimal point is placed] This could have been a gloom and doom situation but Chris made a 180 degree change to his lifestyle and today he is a Thriver!

He does Cross Fit at CF 140 in Atlanta with his amazing trainer David Argel who I had the pleasure of speaking with recently.     Check out this video of Chris doing Cross Fit. If you are not inspired by Chris and ready to get going, nothing will. Thrive, Don’t Only Surivive!


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by Dr. Geo

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  • Robert Bice 08/15/2018, 5:23 PM

    I was told April ninth that I had prostate cancer. My Gleason scores were one Gleason six, one Gleason seven and three Gleason eights. I instantly read Dr. Walsh’s Surviving Prostate Cancer and didn’t like my chances of reaccurance after doing surgery. The pressure is there. I read Anti Cancer, Keto for Cancer and Tripping Over the Truth. I am now reading Fat for Fuel and after seeing you on no chemo,the fifth show I have ordered your book.! The surgery pressure is on me, I am scared, and would do anything to fight this naturally. My insurance doesn’t cover it though. Are there any clinical studies looking for a volunteer patient. No children and I am a highly motivated individual. I have eight spine fusions but I still speed walk 4-6 miles daily. I switched my diet after reading Keto for Cancer. I can’t do this alone without guidance. (310) 686-5174 is my phone and you have my email. Thanks

  • Marc Russell 08/16/2018, 4:18 PM

    Very inspiring.
    What else did Chris do beyond exercise to pull his psa down and over what period of time.

    • Chris Thompson 08/16/2018, 8:53 PM

      In my video I talk about the 5 “F’s” Faith, Family, Friends, Food, and Fitness. All are important and all play a roll in why I believe I am still alive and thriving today. Dr. Geo has spoken at length about many of these things so I will try and tackle each one briefly and say this is what works for me personally and I don’t force my belief’s on anyone else.
      1. Faith – My hope is not in myself or medicine, but in my Lord Jesus who sustains me.
      2. Family – My family supports me in my diet and exercise, and prays for my daily.
      3. Friends – My friends are an extension of my family. My Crossfit 140 family and my Coach David Argel push me to be my best and support the Dr. Geo Capless Plan. If you have people in your life who are a burden and don’t support you, find ones who do.
      4. Food – I went hard core from the start, no sugar, no dairy, no bread, no potatoes and lots of veggies. I juice everyday and take the recommended supplements from Dr. Geo along with some others, like Broccoli Sprouts and Turmeric Curcumin. You can’t eat enough greens and broccoli. I do eat some Grass Fed Beef, Free Range Organic Chicken, and Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, ( AND SOME CHICKEN WINGS GEO, but only free range organic!)
      5. Fitness – I do Crossfit because it is like having a personal trainer, but in a group setting of usually 12 or less people. They have become a second family to me of support and encouragement. Crossfit has not only increased my strength and core, but has helped my balance and coordination tremendously. The medication I take has to be offset by exercise and diet.
      I will leave you with this last thought: What is your purpose? What drives you? When focus on the things that really matter, like living for others and not yourself, anything is possible. The last thing you want to do is feel sorry for yourself and dwell on the negatives, life is to be lived with a positive attitude as you have so much to live for.
      Marc, If I can encourage you at all or if you have questions feel free to email me at christhompson33065@yahoo.com You are not alone there are those of us who have walked where you are and can tell you there is a great life to live after diagnosis! Be Brave my friend!

      • Dr. Geo 08/16/2018, 10:22 PM

        Thank you, Chris. Marc, I thought it would be more interesting if Chris would address your question himself. Chris is a true Rock star and an example how nutrition, exercise , community and the right supplement combination is real medicine.


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