Chris 2

A Thriver After Prostate Cancer

Chris is one of the most amazing CaPLESS Thrivers I know. When I first met him about six years ago, he was 47 years olds with a PSA of 27.0. After biopsy, we discovered he had Gleason 9 prostate cancer all over his prostate.

But that’s not all.

Three months after his prostatectomy, his PSA was 20.0. [there is no error where the decimal point is placed] This could have been a gloom and doom situation but Chris made a 180 degree change to his lifestyle and today he is a Thriver!

He does Cross Fit at CF 140 in Atlanta with his amazing trainer David Argel who I had the pleasure of speaking with recently.     Check out this video of Chris doing Cross Fit. If you are not inspired by Chris and ready to get going, nothing will. Thrive, Don’t Only Surivive!


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