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A Man’s Penis bitten by a Snake – OUCH!

A Man’s Penis bitten by a Snake – OUCH!


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OK, the reality is that this may never happen to you. But it happens.

An Indian farmer in his mid 40’s had his penis bitten by a snake while urinating in the fields – then went to the emergency room (ER).

If you are into snakes – the type was a “gunas,” which is the local name of the Levantine viper (Macrovipera lebetina).

In the ER all vital signs were stable, with a grossly swollen penis and formation of bubble like lesions filled with fluid at the bitten areas.

(If your curious, GRAPHIC PICTURE here)

Initially, the patient was not clotting (very low clotting factors) and his blood was thinning. This is a potentially deadly situation caused from hemorrhaging.

The patient received anti–snake venom (a snake antivenom serum that neutralizes the venom of the cobra, common krait, and viper) with no adverse effects.

After a day in a half after treatment began, his clotting problem resolved and he was sent home and the swelling reduced 4 days after.

I wonder if this poor guy will ever pee again in the fields.


Just thought you’d find this interesting. 🙂



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