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Whatever Comes Next, You Can Handle it!

When will the next shoe drop?

That was one of the sentiments to several prostate cancer patients this past week.

In other words, “despite doing well after my prostate cancer,” they are thinking,” when will the next unforeseen and unpleasant event happen?”

Or, as one of my patients said,” when will the next shit happen.”

In stoicism, there are several great quotes regarding feeling anxious over the future.

One of them is:


“He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary.”

– Seneca


The COVID pandemic has not helped us much with anxiety or depression – both go hand-in-hand

This is supposed to be the “perfect vision” year, 2020; what happened?

Well, if you can, this year has indeed provided us with the most precious commodity, time.

We had/have guilt-free time to think.

Think about what’s not working in our lives and fix it.

Think about what we need to do to take better care of ourselves.

While for many, the 19 in COVID-19 represents the 19 pounds they gained during the pandemic, many people actually loss weight and are much healthier.

Why had this time meant for you? And if it is not positive, how can you make it so moving forward?

There’s always a positive way of looking at life happenings.

The premise of my work with men with prostate cancer is that this diagnosis is an opportunity to live better and be much healthier.

I didn’t make that up by myself; you taught me that.

You can’t let life circumstances that you have no control overrun your life. You rule your life and control what you can.

I am reminded of my favorite line, “Don’t die while you are still alive.”


You have control over not watching nighttime news that will likely interfere with your sleep.


Sleep better = feel better. 


You have control over taking 30 minutes and going out to exercise.


Stronger body = longevity


You have control taking deep breaths at your next PSA test.


Deep breaths = calm mind


[Speaking of PSA, in about two weeks, my next book is coming out, titled: The PSA Book. Stay tuned]


You have control over the nutrients you feed your body.


Better food = better mood


A randomized study I recently read showed a Mediterranean diet, filled with fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seed, and olive oil, combined with fish oil supplementation reduced depression rates.

If your fears are COVID-19 related, the two biggest factors that can cause real problems if infected is obesity and high blood pressure – both can be treated successfully with exercise, good food, not too much, and a few supplements.

Meanwhile, some botanicals and a simple, safe, and inexpensive vitamin (vitamin D) can likely provide significant returns in keeping you safe and healthy from the virus. (source)

C’mon. Let’s make 2020 the best year ever!

Crap will happen, but you are prepared for when it does.

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