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10 Tips For Figuring Out The Best Prostate Cancer Treatment

You have prostate cancer. Now what? What’s the best treatment for the type of cancer you have? Can no medical treatment be an option?

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be nerve-racking and many of the treatment options are not so desirable. Still, you may need medical treatment.

Here are 10 tips to best figure out the best prostate cancer treatment:

  1. Take a deep breath (or two), and don’t panic. You need to be emotionally stable to make the best treatment choice for yourself.
  2. Don’t feel rushed to choose a treatment. That decision can a life-altering, so take your time.
  3. Do your homework. See at least three physicians before choosing a prostate cancer treatment.
  4. Your physician is biased towards what they do. That’s normal. Still, look at the pros and cons of their treatment recommendation.
  5. Take good notes. Better yet, bring along your spouse or any good note-taker. You will not hear all the details the physician will say. And “the devil is in the detail” as they say.
  6. Do NOT tape-record the medical visit. Doctors feel funny about this, even if they say it’s OK and have nothing to hide. Your physician will be more conservative with what he says if you tape-record. We live in a litigious society, and your doc will try to protect themselves.
  7. Listen to your family members carefully, but not too much. They love you, I know. But all they hear is the “C-word,” not prostate cancer. This is an emotional diagnosis, understandably, but the decision needs to be made as practical as possible. Ultimately, it’s your body.
  8. Ask your doctor whether you are a candidate for Active Surveillance. Most diagnoses’ for prostate cancer are low-grade, which makes opting for no medical treatment a viable option.
  9. Keep a good electronic record of your PSA, prostate biopsy, and prostate cancer history. Make it easy to open the document and print as needed, or email a physician’s office.
  10. There are more treatments available for prostate cancer than ever before that’s not surgery or radiation, including no medical treatment at all. Research all your options.

Lastly, here is a video version on how to decide the best prostate cancer treatment.

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