When Mr Happy Does Not Work For Erectile Dysfunction

Someone from my newsletter list unsubscribed and delivered this comment:
don’t want to buy any of your products. I tried the very expensive ED stuff and it didn’t work.
I assume he is talking about Mr.Happy, a dietary supplement I tested on 15 men with ED before making available to the rest of the world.  As expected, the formula DID NOT help everyone. It’s not supposed to. It did help 9 out of the 15 participants or 60% of the guys who tried it.
Every ED case is different.
Some men have a mild case, and others have moderate or severe dysfunction.
The level of ED depends on:
1. The general health of the person. For example, diabetes can be an erection killer.
2. Amount of stress the individual is experiencing. When you stress you produce adrenaline, an essential chemical for you to “fight or flight.”
3. Prostate cancer treatment, mostly prostatectomy or radiation. Not all guys who undergo one or both of these procedures experience ED, but many do.
The bottom line is that for the male organ to work, there needs to be adequate flow of nerve impulses and blood to the pelvic area. 
If there is any obstruction or interference on these pathways, all bets are off, no elevation.
Still, there are numerous levels of ED, and we measure the severity of it from a questionnaire patients fill out called the Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM).
I had a case where a 62-year-old man told me that dietary supplement I formulated did not work for him. I got on the phone with him to learn details. It turns out he was significantly overweight, on three medications for blood pressure (beta blockers can cause ED), diabetic type 2 and a history of leukemia, managed well with Gleevec.
This gentleman, who found the product on the internet,  was not a good candidate for XYVGGR. I am not sure anything would have worked for him other than a penile implant.
On the other hand, most guys, not all, with mild to moderate cases of ED can experience excellent results from the a carefully formulated dietary supplement.  Even, some men after prostatectomy can benefit when taken at the appropriate dose.
The Takeaway ED supplementation;
1. Dietary supplements do not (or should not) compete with PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis or Levitra). In other words, it is not event-driven. A good formula builds sexual health by restoring pelvic arteries and produce nitric oxide (NO).
2. Those succeeding with Mr.Happy have a mild to moderate case of ED, not severe. And this formula builds sexual health, not cure ED.
3. For the severe case of ED, some guys have reported excellent success with a small dose of a PDE-5, say 5mg of Cialis and two Mr.Happy.
4. Men after prostatectomy may always need at least a PDE-5 or more.
If you like to geek out, here is the science behind Mr. Happy.
Why not just take Cialis, Viagra or Levitra?
As a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor, I don’t have a problem with PDE’5 inhibitors. These drugs often work. But they are also super $$$. It can cost up to $20 for ONE pill. That is why I was caught off guard when the unsubscriber of “DrGeo” said Mr. Happy was expensive. Maybe if it would have worked for him, he’d thought different. I don’t know.
Also, many people cannot tolerate the side effects of PDE-5 inhibitors which include, flushing of the face, temporary blindness, headache, and lower back pain (mostly with Cialis). Still, I think these drugs work well, mainly when used appropriately. Other’s do just fine.
Everyone’s make up is different biochemically.
“The poison is in the dose” as an ancient physician once said. I find it is best to use PDE-5s at the lowest dose possible and see how that works. You may have to cut the pills in half.
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