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The King of Medicinal Mushrooms: Reishi

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Billions of dollars are sold in medicinal mushroom are sold yearly as these nutritional organism become the hottest functional food to consume.

I too take this dietary supplement everyday which contains ample amounts of my favorite protective mushroom of them all, Reishi.

While we can’t say mushrooms cure or mitigate disease, we know they have protective properties that are useful.

Out of many of the medicinal mushroom consumed by people for nutrition support, including, chaga, cordyceps and turkey tail, Reishi has the most robust science to support its use.

Ganoderma lucidum, commonly known as Reishi, is a favorite medicinal mushroom that has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the prevention or treatment of a variety of diseases.

Reishi mushroom is used by many cancer thrivers to strengthen the immune system.

Some of the published research indicates Reishi has activity against prostate cancer and breast cancer cells.

This published scientific article demonstrate that Reishi inhibits active transcription factors nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappaB) and AP-1, which resulted in the inhibition of expression of urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) and its receptor uPAR.

In human language that means Reishi mushroom inteferes with numerous pathways that can promote cancer cells.

A meta-analysis study on the use of Reishi in cancer treatment reported immune stimulating effects with this ancient mushroom. This same report indicates a positive response in about 50 percent of patients consuming Reishi mushroom while undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, as compared to those treated with chemo or radiation alone.

One of the conclusion of this reputed conservative journal is this;

Ganoderma lucidum could be administered as an alternative adjunct to conventional treatment in consideration of its potential of enhancing tumor response and stimulating host immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Use of Medicinal Mushroom for Nutritional Support in Prostate Cancer Patients


Q: I heard good things about Turkey tail, Chaga and other popular mushrooms, can I take them too?

A: Yes. They are all helpful and have some science to support their use.


Q: Why do you have only Reishi mushroom in your formula and not any of the others?

A: I can only fit so many ingredients in one capsule. Reishi, after extensive research and clinical experience, is the king of mushrooms in my opinion and it’s backed by the best quality science for immune function and many other health properties. 


Q: Can I take medicinal mushrooms during radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

A: Yes you can, along with numerous others. I recently wrote this article on the use of dietary supplements during radiation and it might be a useful read. Your radiation oncologist will be opposed to you taking ANY dietary supplements during radiation, however.



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