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Staying the Course


I don’t know about you, but the holidays are not particularly more difficult for me to stay dietarily disciplined than any other day.

Every day is hard.

Now, of course, there are trays of food everywhere you turn. And it’s not roasted brussels sprouts offered.

It’s cookies, chocolates, cheeses and all sorts of less than optimal foods for strength and longevity.

Man is hard!

This is my game plan on getting through the holidays while not beating up my body:

  1. (Bad) Food is addictive. Just know that. Might as well offer crack cocaine on a tray. Knowing the addictive properties of foods is half the battle.


  1. Prep mentally – every day. Your goal is not to overeat, believe me, it isn’t. Your goal is to spend quality time with family and friends and to be as productive as possible. And yes, food is one element of engagement with other, no doubt, but not the only one.


  1. Be consistent with taking nutritional supplements that support your health goals. The right supplement combination may counteract any dietary mishap, although they are not a license to “fall-off-the-horse” too steeply.


  1. Don’t focus on what you don’t’ want to eat. If you say to yourself, “I am not eating chocolate chip cookies, I am not eating chocolate chip cookies,” you are going to want more chocolate chip cookies because that is what you are focusing on.


  1. But focus on how you don’t want to feel. Our brains want to avoid pain more than experience pleasure. That’s just how we’re wired. So, you likely don’t want to feel tired after a meal, bloated, brain fog (that lingers for days later) and feed sick cells with crap that will keep you sick.


  1. Move your body. Dance. Lift things. Stretch. Strength and longevity take work. Enjoy the process.


  1. My New Years resolution starts today. If you wait until January 1st and avoid starting now, it will not last. The key to any health goal is consistency. The desire to live long and strong has to be higher than anything else. If you want strength and a disease-free life that badly, you will not wait. Your start day is now.

Of course, do not eat any food with guilt. I won’t. I just plan to be mindful as I engage with everyone.

You see, diseased cells don’t take holidays. Aberrant cells are on all day every day. It is our job to keep those suckers in check. And it’s a full-time job to do so.

With that in mind, I wish you an enjoyable holiday season and a New Year filled with love, strength, and prosperity.


Much Love! Xxx


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