Society of Integrative Urology Prostate Health Seminar

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Today, I went to my old stomping grounds, Columbia University medical, to give a talk prostate health talk on evidence based integrative therapies for prostate disorders. This event was organized by Dr. Aaron Katz,  Dr. Philipa Cheetham and the Society of Integrative Urology. What an amazing time I had.

There were more than 150 people in attendance from all walks of life, including physicians, teachers and cab drivers. Speaking to members of the audience was as interesting as listening to the speakers. Everyone had their story  on how they have battled prostate cancer or prostate enlargement naturally or integratively. Congratulations to Dr. Katz, who could not attend due to personal reasons, Dr. Cheetham and the rest of the SIU family on putting this magnificent event together.

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I welcome to share my passion and research with you.

For those who attended the SIU seminar today, it was pleasure meeting you.


In Optimal Health,

Dr. Geo


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by Dr. Geo

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  • Vincent DeSanti ,

    I live in Columbia, Maryland, near Baltimore, and I’m looking for a doctor who practices holistic or integrative urology in Maryland. Can you refer me to anyone in Maryland?

    Vince DeSanti

    • Hi Vincent, Unfortunately I do not know any Integrative Urology Practitioners from Columbia, Maryland. Depending on what you are looking for help with we can schedule a phone consult.
      Thank you for email and all the best to you. Dr. Geo


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