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Quarantined? Maybe a Good Thing

These are tough times, no doubt.

For many, these times are filled with anxiety, distress, and uncertainty.

Excessive news watching doesn’t help.

You may have more questions than answers at this time, so stay tuned, as I am writing what I consider to be the most comprehensive article on COVID-19 I’ve yet seen.

Of course, I will provide up-to-date, science-based information on what you can do naturally to protect yourself and your family.

But for now, allow me to share with you what I’ve been thinking. And there’s plenty of time for thinking these days.

Embrace Uncertainty

I’ve been thinking about what I consider to be the #1 cause of stress in men.

Remember, I clinically see over one thousand patients a year as a holistic practitioner and discuss stressors with all patients.

After some reflection, I’ve concluded that that #1 cause of stress in men is not money-related (many with plenty of money still stress over money), is not healthy, and it’s not their stubborn kid.

What men stress about most is uncertainty.

And, I’d argue that if you want to live your best life, you have to embrace uncertainty.

This COVID-19 crisis proves that you have no choice.

The better you get at accepting the unknown, the better you will live.

How do you do that?

Well, first, let me say this; you should still plan for the future. So this is not a pass from planning – planning and strategizing is essential to living a great life, no doubt.

But I’m reminded to a Yiddish proverb that resonates; “Man plans and God laughs.”

So true.

Timeout from Our Day-to-Day Rat race

But as we plan and set goals to attempt to create a better future for ourselves, a better future in business, family, and in life, it is crucial to understand that life is far from linear.

Shit happens.

After noticing my feelings this past week as the world has stopped and I’m forced to spend more time at home, with no sports to watch, with my virtual consults cut in half, with restless kids, I am thinking to my self, “Man, in a weird way, this is not that bad.”

Then, while having some discussions with friends, they feel the same way.

How? Why?

Well, one reason is that now we have time to think.

You see, I am on a grind EVERY DAY. Don’t get me wrong, I live a great life, but it’s a daily hustle.

Wake up at between 4 to 5am >>> workout>>> shower, get dressed>>> wake kids up for school>>>at the office by 8am >>> at the clinic and doing what I love >>> writing>>> get home by 8pm >>> Catch up with family>>> sleep>>> repeat.

That’s Monday through Friday.

Saturday and Sunday?

Errands, kids sports (3 kids, all in sports), writing, planning for the week, do things around the house, etc. Wishing I had just one more day.

I am pooped by Sunday night, ready to start the weekday routine.

There’s no time to think and introspection.

What I have done while Quarantined

This past week, I have present (physically and mentally) with my wife and kids, together, all under one roof.

We have watched three Netflix movies together…in one week.

When was the last time we all watched ONE movie together… Hmmm… let me think… Never!

Also, telehealth is now a reality for all practitioners. We are becoming creative as to how we can best deliver our good care virtually.

Lastly, at least for me, I am thinking of creative ways to virtually expand my mission to help men live longer and better, before or despite prostate cancer.

This includes creating a better website platform, fix some glitches, and stop overspending on programs I don’t need.

Something for You to Consider while Quarantined

So, I challenge you to make an opportunity out of this unprecedented crisis.

How can you be a better person moving forward?

Is what you do congruent with what you value?

What does it take to be more connected with those you love?

Are you living a purposeful, mission-driven life?

Uncertainty will always be a part of life. You have no choice.

But you are ready for what comes.

We are made to be ready for the unknown crap the happens.

Uncertainty can make your life better, not worse.

Embrace it.

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