Prostate Cancer: Why and How Broccoli Helps

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Hey, it’s Dr. Geo here!

Have you wondered why cruciferous vegetables are so protective against prostate cancer?

Cruciferous vegetables are those vegetables we call broccoli, cabbage,  bok choy, kale, and Brussel sprouts.

Why are these vegetables particularly so protective against prostate cancer?

One study shows it reduces the risk (of prostate cancer) in those that consume a good amount of cruciferous vegetables by up to 40%.

Another study shows that those who get diagnosed with prostate cancer have a lesser chance of dying from prostate cancer after diagnosis.

The amount to consume is about seven servings of cruciferous vegetables a week.

Why is that? There’s a group of chemicals in cruciferous vegetables called isothiocyanates, and the specific isothiocyanate that is most protective is sulforaphane.  

Another protective compound also in these cruciferous vegetables are indole-3 carbinol.

These are specific chemicals that have anti-cancer properties and stops prostate cancer right in its tracks.

I highly suggest for you to consume seven to nine servings of cruciferous vegetables a week to protect yourself against prostate cancer.

HERE’S THE TRICK though. Cruciferous vegetables need to be steamed or exposed to (some) heat for them to be digested well.

Why is that important?

Well, have you gone to a party or any social function where they have a vegetable platter with the raw broccoli on that platter along with the celery and the white cream dip?

When you eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli raw is not digested well and that’s why it doesn’t sit well in your digestive system.

So I see so many of my patients eating this broccoli raw and thinking they’re doing something good for themselves.  (They are not)

To best eat broccoli and all cruciferous vegetables they need to be exposed to some heat, not too much, in order to liberate and free up these [anti-cancer] chemicals. And that’s the only way you can get these wonderful phytochemicals in your system to protect you from prostate cancer.

This is Dr. Geo signing off! Until our next video be well 🙂


Side note: I find broccoli extracts founds in high-quality supplements to also help in providing the phytochemicals necessary for maximal protection.


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