Prostate Cancer: not good for smokers

This study looked at 5366 men diagnosed with prostate cancer between 1986 and 2006 in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study.

There were 1630 deaths, 524 (32%) due to prostate cancer and 416 (26%) to Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), and 878 biochemical recurrences (prostate cancer return after treatment).

The authors concluded that smoking at the time of prostate cancer diagnosis is associated with increased overall and CVD mortality and prostate cancer-specific mortality and recurrence. Men who have quit for at least 10 years have prostate cancer-specific mortality risks similar to those who have never smoked (Kenfield et al. 2011)

My Take On This

Cigarette smoking is one of the most devastating behavioral practices to mankind. This therefore makes the idea of using alternative solutions like the Boundless Tera or nicotine gum more beneficial. If you know that smoking is not good for you, continuing to do it only makes your health worse. Where your health should be your top priority, you are doing the complete opposite while choosing to smoke. Smoking leads to emphysema, lung cancer, heart attacks and erectile dysfunction! (Harte et al. 2011) This is why it is essential to your health to stop smoking and instead visit Vaping360 to help you find the best devices to help you to quit nicotine for good! Yup, you read right. How’s that to motivate smokers to quit.


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