Every year around this time, I think back on how I performed as a dad the year prior. As usual, I grade myself a B+. That means I too fail at it at times. Being a dad defines who I am as much as being a doctor.  It’s also my most important job. But its… [Read More]

This is part four of a four-part series on the PSA test in an attempt to demystify the most feared blood marker in men.   Part one: What is PSA and what it does Part two: Benign reason’s why PSA goes up Part three: PSA used for Prostate Cancer Screening  Part four: PSA after prostate… [Read More]

The decision for choosing the right treatment for your type of prostate cancer is akin to buying a house – a big one. Except, now we are talking about your body. And the decision can be life-altering. Welcome to Prostate Cancer Confusion! You are not alone feeling anxious, confused and even mildly depressed from your… [Read More]

Stress is a major contributor to bad health. No question. It contributes to all conditions from cancer to urinary frequency. The question is, what do we do about it? I used to give patients a handout with over twenty tips on how to manage stress and I no one read it, none-the-less followed my advice.… [Read More]

  Knowing your physician’s medical philosophy can be extremely helpful in understanding why he or she is recommending a certain treatment approach for your ailment. I can’t tell you the number of patients who complain to me about their physician who prescribes pharmaceuticals for their condition. “I went to my urologist and all he does… [Read More]

Along with ginger and garlic, curcumin is one of my favorite herbs to prevent and even treat health problems naturally. This potent herb does not only have potent anti-inflammatory properties, which in at by itself is worth taking, but it also has anti-cancer abilities. I am not exaggerating. Now, to be clear, I am not… [Read More]

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