Of all the places to have pain, the penis is one of the most inconvenient. One, it’s super sensitive—depending on where the pain is. And two, it’s not a part of your body you can just “go easy on” for a day, like an arm or a leg. Sooner or later, you’re going to… [Read More]

Recently the National Football League (NFL) banned GNC from airing their $5 million ad during the superbowl. YOU’RE OUT! Oh, wait. We’re talking football on this blog post. This would have been GNC’s first time on the biggest advertising stage of the year. Why was the commercial banned from the Super Bowl? ANSWER: GNC sells… [Read More]

I don’t think in the history of mankind a wise man ever said, “Worry about it.” But let’s face it. You’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. You’re worrying. You’re probably contemplating chemical or surgical treatment. But do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the man from Santa Rosa who decided to… [Read More]

  I have the good fortune of having helped  thousands of patients regain and rebuild their health at my clinic, mostly men. But I admit, I get frustrated when a patient “falls off the horse” and “stay of the horse” when they receive good news… "Your PSA dropped from 5.2 to 3.1" "Your cholesterol is now… [Read More]

  Imagine your smoke alarm won’t stop beeping. Has that happen to you? Every day, every hour, maybe every half hour. It starts to get annoying, to the point where you BEEP can’t function. It’s like Chinese water torture. BEEP. So you call up a the BEEP guy who says he knows how to fix… [Read More]

Up until now, the usual screening process for prostate cancer has involved an uncomfortable amount of guesswork. It started with a PSA test (which is already controversial), and then, if your PSA was high, doctors would perform a biopsy—meaning they would insert a biopsy gun into your rectum and take tissue samples from your prostate.… [Read More]

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