Lifestyle and Aggressive Prostate Cancer – New Study



The more good things you do, the less likely you will develop aggressive prostate cancer according to a recent study.

Study Details:

  • 2212 African American and Caucasian men  between the ages of 40 to 70 were studied in North Carolina and Louisiana
  • Those that followed at least  4 out of the 8 lifestyle recommendations were least likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer
  • Those who incorporated less than 4 of the lifestyle recommendations were up to 38% more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer.
  • The eight lifestyle recommendations included: desirable Body Mass Index (BMI), physical activity, consumption low calorie foods, fruits and non-starchy vegetables, salt, legumes and unrefined grains and eating less than 500g of red meat per week.
  • The results of 38% increase risk or real bad disease was the same for African American and Caucasian men.
  • Prostate cancer aggressiveness was measured by: Gleason grade, PSA, and TNM staging

More on the study GO HERE

My take on this

Well, there you have it. Yet another study demonstrating the benefits of lifestyle medicine and protection from deadly prostate cancer.

This journal article is timely as I continue to type away on a book I am writing on the subject. Stay tuned for The CaPLESS method – a sustainable guide to creating a microenviornment hostile to prostate cancer and reducing the risk of all-cause mortality.

These are the concepts taught at our NYU CaPLESS retreat which some of you are familiar with.

Those of you who have had your prostate cancer treated do not think you are out of the woodworks. Far from it. Prostate cancer recurrence can occur up to 40% of the times after primary treatment. Beside, the suggested lifestyle protects you from the #1 killer as well – heart disease.

You can find out more on prostate cancer recurrence HERE.

Doggy bag message

1.    Eat more fruits and vegetables (Seasonal, local and / or Organic when possible – Dr. Geo)
2.    Eat no more than 3 to 4 ounces of red meat a week if you have to eat meat. That’s about the size of a closed fist of a normal size guy not a closed fist of Shaquile O’Neil. (If you have grass-fed, organic red meat then you can have it 3 to 4 ounces one or two more times a week – Dr. Geo)
3.    Do not add extra salt to your food. (Sea Salt is OK in moderation – Dr. Geo)
4.    Exercise daily for 30 minutes. (At least 4 times a week with 2 days of weight resistance – Dr. Geo)
5.    Eat low in calories. (If you eat a plant-based diet you automatically eat low calories – Dr. Geo)
6.    Eat plenty of legumes and whole grains. (Stay away from simple, refined carbs like the plague – Dr. Geo)
7.    Keep your BMI low. ( BMI is not a good predictor of how overweight you are. Body fat composition is better, measure at a doctors office like at NYU Urology. And keep a slim waist about half the size of your height – Dr. Geo)

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