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How does IC / PBS work? – Video

How does IC / PBS work?

Interstitial Cystitis / Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC / PBS) continues to evoke frustration among patients and physicians alike. Symptoms can be debilitating.

Yesterday, I had saw two patients with IC / PBS – one, literally cried in my office from the level of pain she experiences daily. She has had to stop working altogether and her relationship with her husband is deteriorating as a result of her condition.  At 29 years old, she’s pessimistic about her future and her ability to have kids. The other is a functional, 38 year old female, works as an executive assistant, is in a good relationship and has a 6 year-old son. IC is interfering with her sexual life with her husband but they are able to be intimate once or twice a month – not enough for her husband she admits.

The etiology of IC /PBS is theoretical at this point as studies have not evolved to pin down an actual cause. I came across this  IC /PBS video while researching for the formulation of Cysto Renew™ and found it insightful and “user-friendly”.

This video does not go much into treatments of IC /PBS, however understanding how this condition works maybe valuable for many of you.

Enjoy the video.



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