Dr. Geo’s 12 simple rules to eating right



Dr. Geo’s 12 Simple rules to eating right

1.    Don’t eat ANY food with guilt. Guilt is much more indigestible.
2.    Don’t eat until you have the “full feeling.” Stop before you get there.
3.    If bugs would not eat it, it’s probably not good for you.
4.    Good food spoils. If it doesn’t spoil within 2 weeks in room temperature – it’s crap.
5.    If the ingredients list is more than 4 unpronounceable words, it’s probably JUNK. The best foods have just one word as an ingredient – and it’s not listed.
6.    Limit eating white foods. Cauliflower you can have as much as you want. Sugar, fruit juice and soda’s are also crappy.
7.    If eating anything that once had a face , make sure it they ate their natural diet e.g. Cattle eat grass and hay NOT corn or grains.
8.    Drink clean water, good tea and fresh squeeze juices.
9.    Portion control – it’s OK to leave food on your plate – your mom will never know.
10.    Eat some kind of GREEN food with every meal – they are very protective.
11.    Don’t do Diets of exclusion; no-fat this, low-carb that, low-calorie the other. If you are going to have ice cream, have the real thing. The fake stuff is more damaging. How about this: Don’t DO DIETS.
12.    Buy and eat foods from LOCAL FARMS, FARMERS MARKETS, HEALTH FOOD STORES and REGULAR MARKETS– in that order.

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