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  Saw palmetto taken alone is no better than placebo Herbalist, Naturopaths and other Complementary health care practitioners often use saw palmetto along with other agents, eg. Pygeum, rye pollen extract, beta sitosterol, nettle root, etc. an this combination may have beneficial effects when taken together There has always been synergistic value in medicinal plants… [Read More]

  If one’s health goal is to stay healthy or slow the progression of most diseases, then consumption of at least 2000 IU of vitamin D is a good start.   Vitamin D does a whole lot more than sustain healthy bones by assisting in the absorption of calcium. There are receptors throught out the… [Read More]

  Urinary tract Infections (UTI's)  are mostly common among woman and they often return after treatment. The common mainstream treatment is antibiotics.  In the naturopathic world, UTI’s are commonly treated with herbs like Uva Ursi and Cranberry juice. A recent study to date looked at 319 college women presenting with an acute UTI. In this… [Read More]

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