The CaPLESS Retreat

What is the CaPLESS Retreat?

Make prostate cancer an opportunity to rebuild and improve your quality of life at the CaPLESS retreat. 

This 3 ½ day weekend with Dr. Geo will help you understand how prostate cancer works and how to take back your health. Unlike other diets and programs, the CaPLESS retreat is a lifestyle upgrade immersion 100% focused on men with prostate cancer. This unique event will give you the proven tools necessary to create an unfavorable cancer microenvironment and show you how to live optimally despite your condition.

No matter where you are in your journey – undetectable PSA after treatment, PSA recurrence, on hormone therapy or active surveillance –  the CaPLESS retreat will show you how to live longer and function optimally. 

If there’s one thing I know, it is that prostate cancer is not a local problem, it’s a systemic one. To beat this disease, you don’t only treat the gland; you must also treat the terrain in the body. – Dr. Geo

What is the LIFE of the CaPLESS retreat?

Learn | Implement | Fun | Engage


  • Learn the basics of how prostate cancer works
  • Learn the science of treating the terrain
  • Discover how meditation works 
  • Update on the best foods to eat and others to stay away from
  • The Science (using human language) on how the CaPLESS Method works
  •  What are the best workouts that give you the most return on your time. The mindset of a CaPLESS Thriver


You will not only learn, but you will also apply.

  • How to create delicious high rating meals CaPLESS Eats- Food Rating System
  • Practice the exercises that are specific to your age and current level of fitness
  • Habits and techniques to calm your mind for better stress tolerance 
  • Sleep habits to help reset your body


There will be lots of fun and time for laughter. After all, laughter is medicine. Plus, we will have a great time at our party 🙂  



Building community amongst fellow CaPLESS thrivers is a cornerstone of this event. For this unforgettable weekend, we are family and share a special moment with other thrivers and their partners just like you.

The CaPLESS Retreat is the only event focused 100% on learning tools, techniques, habits, and behaviors to help men improve their lifestyle after prostate cancer.


The CaPLESS Retreat is for men and his partner who are serious about regaining and rebuilding their body after prostate cancer.

  • High PSA, not diagnosed.
  • Strong prostate cancer family history
  • On Active Surveillance
  • Recurrence risk reduction after prostate cancer treatment
  • Undetectable or low PSA after prostate cancer treatment and poor overall health
  • Rising PSA after prostate cancer treatment
  • Prostate cancer recurrence after treatment
  • On Hormone (Androgen Deprivation) therapy, i.e., Lupron, Abiretarone (Zytiga), Casodex, Enzalutamide (Xtandi), etc.

For more information on the CaPLESS Method (CM) go here

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