CaPLESS Eats is where you’ll learn to create a microenvironment hostile to prostate cancer every time you eat by using the principles of the CaPLESS Method. 

Three things are confusing on what to eat to beat prostate cancer:

  1. There’s no scientific basis for most proposed diets.
  2. Most diets are not prostate cancer-specific.
  3. Recommended diets for prostate cancer are not sustainable. You then feel guilty for not staying with it.

We believe good food is medicine.

CaPLESS Eats is a four-hour live culinary event 100% focused on what to eat to live well after prostate cancer.

Let’s face it, diets are hard, especially as it relates to what to eat for prostate cancer. The internet is filled with all sorts of contradictory information on the best diet for prostate cancer from the ketogenic diet to plant-based.

Dr. Geo has focused only on prostate cancer, and the best diet for this disease, for almost two decades.

Our whole-foods chef will take you through an intimate culinary experience of preparing delicious, protective meals while Dr. Geo will teach you how to implement the latest science on nutrition to help you live your best life after prostate cancer. Additionally, you’ll learn how to make this method of eating a lifestyle, not a diet.


For more information on the CaPLESS Method (CM) go here

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have paused our CaPLESS live events until further notice.

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