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A common question I get asked daily is on the value of juicing.  I tell you, if you want to get a nice, constant and non-stimulant burst of energy, there is nothing like a nice squeezed fresh veggie juice. Try it and you will see what I am talking about. It’s an acquired taste (… [Read More]

Your Parents Were Right All Along: Why You Really Should Eat Your Broccoli The Takeaway First In 2010 researchers discovered that sulforaphane, a chemical found in broccoli, reduces the risk of prostate cancer. The latest research adds that this broccoli-derived compound actively kills cancer stem cells. This and other research shows us that the powers… [Read More]

Invited Expert Authors - Every now and then we'll invite authors to write on this platform particularly when their expertise is a million times greater than mine. Female Sexual Health is one of those areas where my knowledge is limited. And yes, we have lots of female readers too at Enjoy! Women’s Sexual Health… [Read More]

Pomegranate: the Superfruit! The Takeaway First Remember years ago when I was raving about pomegranates? I’m still raving, and it’s because scientists are finding out more and more about the power of pomegranate juice and extract to boost male health. The latest findings, which I list below, confirm that pomegranate extract induces cancer cell death,… [Read More]

More Than a Pick-Me-Up: the Dramatic Health Benefits of your Daily Coffee The Takeaway First About 50% of Americans drink coffee every day, but far fewer Americans know that regular coffee drinking has substantial health benefits. According to several studies published over the past two years, coffee has an effect on your heart, your brain,… [Read More]

Fitness Does a Lot for Your Sex Life The Takeaway First High levels of physical activity are linked to better performance in bed, reports a new study published last week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. And it turns out the daily workout you need to boost your staying power isn’t extreme at all. Study… [Read More]

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