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Chronic Stress Kills Testosterone The Takeaway First If your sex life is suffering, stress may be the culprit. New research suggests that chronic, overwhelming stress can lower testosterone levels and get in the way of sex. It also suggests that regular sex can help to modulate some but not all of the damaging effects of… [Read More]

  Exercise Protects Against Prostate Cancer Death The Takeaway First A new study (Bonn et al., 2014) published online in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention reported lower rates of all-cause and prostate cancer-specific mortality in men who engaged in regular exercise. Although these findings can’t prove causation, they are a good reminder to… [Read More]

Life is a fragile journey filled with uncertainties. This is particularly true when confronted with a life threatening diagnosis like cancer. When someone expires from cancer it reminds me to live life, everyday, to the max. Be grateful for what I have and demonstrate love those I love. Everyday! Yesterday I was caught blind-sided when… [Read More]

Home For The Holidays by Martin Berenberg, PhD Home for the holidays. For many, a welcome break from the daily grind of work or school. They say: “I canʼt wait to get home.” For others, a stressful and often nightmarish trip. They think: “I canʼt wait til itʼs over.” Members of the second group are… [Read More]

Two Recent Studies on Selenium and Cancer     The Takeaway First Taking in isolated nutrients might not only be useless, but it could increase your risk of disease, as several studies on selenium suggest. Avoid multi-vitamins that use the form of selenium selenomethionine or selenite alone, as this compound is probably ineffective and possibly… [Read More]

The Smuggling of Maca   Maca’s price has increased eightfold in the last year. The Chinese demand for Maca is so great that traders of this ancient Peruvian herb are literally getting killed for it. To control the world market, the Chinese are smuggling tons of Maca root from Peru to China. Why is this… [Read More]

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